What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you while being religious?

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you while being religious? 

For me, it has been locked in a closet for asking to many questions about religion when I was a young girl. Yes I was put through a gauntlet of adoption homes. I am going to leave it at that.

I would like to hear your story. If you are brave enough to let others know your plight. I am sure it would make others have a breath of fresh air that they are not alone in this process of terror. I know just letting the world this tiny factoid about me has done me a world of good.

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The worst thing that happened in my life when I was religious was probably the death of my one grandfather. But as far as worst thing related to religion... I guess it would only be being bored stiff in CCD school and church services. I can luckily say that I've had it pretty easy.

I went to catholic school for kindergarten, first and second grades.  Thank God, that is all the time I spent there as my sister spent 7 yrs in Catholic school and my brother 10 years!!!  No wonder they are so screwed up!  Anyway, in kindergarten the nun who was my teacher was reading us a story just before naptime.  I needed to pee and when i raised my hand and asked to go she barked at me and said I should have went earlier when she told me.  Well, at five years old, I wasn't really used to peeing on demand but I was old enough to know I didnt want to pee my pants in front of all the other kids so I knew I could not wait and I sprang up and started to run to the bathroom.  The nun reached out to try and catch me and for some reason, she had incredibly long fingernails which nuns should not have in my opinion,and one of them pretty much sliced me across my arm.  I kept running and I made it to the bathroom in time to keep  my clothes dry.  The nun came running in while I was in the stall and waited till I came out and yelled at me asking what happened to my arm.  I told her she did it with her nails.  She washed it and put a bandaid on it.  When it was time for naps, I was lying on my mat on the floor when she was suddenly standing over me, looking to me like a 20 foot  penguin who could eat me up for a snackk, and growled "What are you going to tell your mother happened to your arm?".  I said "I dont know" cuz I was scared and she said "Tell her you fell off the swing."  I didnt tell my Mom until I was about 20 yrs old! In 1st grade the teacher, a nun of course, was always slamming a ruler across my hands or my legs because my uniform skirt was shorter than the tips of my fingers.  I didnt know how to sew, she knew my mom had to work because my dad died and she was just mean.  In 2nd grade, I lost my report card and the nun teacher told my Mom that I hid it cuz I had bad grades and then i found it in my Brownie book and I had all As and Bs.

Nuns suck...it is not normal to be forbidden to  have children or be married.  When I was little, I thought maybe those things were sins since priests and nuns didnt do them.  And how do they get off on marriage counseling?  Or sex counseling?  Pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeasee!!!!!!!1They refused to perform my and my husbands wedding ceremony even though we attended 6 weeks of marriage classes they required for all brides and grooms and my mom made us since I was only 15.  Then they married my brother and his WIVES three times and now he is three times divorced, they have married my sister and her THREE husbands of which she is at least still married to the third one.  Guess they dont have too good of judgement since we have been married 35 years!!@!

A friend and I were having an amorous encounter on the alter at her church and she kept screaming "oh god, oh god, oh god!' and I kept thinking: shouldn't I get some of the credit? 

for me, it was more of what religion turned me into.


i was homophobe simply because the church i went to told me that homosexuality was wrong.  in most every other area, i was a progressive, tolerant, even accepting individual.  i was more ready to accept people of other faiths than "fags."  until the age of twenty i was guilty of saying hurtful things to people i didn't know for no good reason.  when asked the "who does it hurt" question, i would respond "god."


in childhood, even through my teens, i suppose that i could have been excused as someone who didn't know any better.  but for a full two years after christanity, along with the concept of "faith" in general, stopped making sense to me, i bought into it anyway out of a deep fear of hell.


so to everyone i hurt through my faith, whether i condescendingly prayed for your salvation or questioned the validity of your claim on humanity, i am truly and deeply sorry.  i hope that you were able to dismiss me for what i was; a childish, ignorant know-nothing.


kari, thank you for posting this question.

I was once laid hands upon  and prayed for, that I would receive the gift of tongues. It was seriously a mob og about six people touching me, crowding me, praying in gibberish (and english), and was rather frightening. I eventually just started gabbing gibberish too, just to make them leave.


That's the worst thing (that would alienation of friends and family once I 'outed' myself as an atheist), but it's the first that comes to mind.

Thanks everyone for bringing this post back alive. I am glad to see the site still keeping strong!

When I decided I didn't want to be a Jehovah's Witness anymore I got my family and friends together to tell them what I discovered reading the bible and what I felt. Expecting of course that they would still accept me as a human being and for who I was, they were my family and best friends after all. I was kicked out of my house and circles of friends. Lived in my truck in a Mexican grocery store parking lot for awhile. If I saw my "friends or family" at all they literally turned there back and refused to acknowledge I existed. That was 6 years ago and I laugh when they do it now. But when your whole family refuse to talk to you simply because you lack their beliefs, its tough.

They honestly believe that by shunning family it will bring them back to their "Truth." The sad thing is that it actually works. Most people that leave or get ex-communicated end up going back, not for an actual belief in god, but because they have no friends anymore. Unfortunately it was drilled in their heads that anyone who isn't a JW is bad association, so even after leaving or being kicked out they still don't feel right spending time with anyone who is not Jehovah's Witness.

Going through that would be unimaginable.  It sounds like the workings of a cult.

They are the closest religion to a cult that I know of

Watching people live for themselves and, worst of all, being betrayed and lied to.

I was not just religious, I was a zealot.  I constantly fought against people who said one thing and did another, sought only personal rewards from religion and were too chickenshit to actually DO anything for someone else if it cost them anything.


Several times through my religious insanity I gave all I had in every way to doing what I believed was right only to have Christian so-called brothers/sisters betray me and abandon the effort because I proved to be less than perfect. 


The last time I was not really being religious but building a foster care program that had potential to save thousands of kids.  One idiotic woman defrauded our corporation and then tried to slander me when we called her on it.  She threatened to sue, something she could not legally do and would not dare.  The board, my "good christian" collection of cowards, all quit.  They could NOT be sued, I told them that, but still they walked and the effort died.  I learned to hate people and I learned that there really was no god.

Lets see. The worst thing was a few of my Catholic grade school teachers. If something didn't make sense of what they were saying or if two things contradicted themselves (teachers vs bible, or bible vs bible) I would always ask for that to be explained more, not as being an asshole but being in grade school I honestly didn't get it. I would get "pray and ask god". My answer to that was usually "he doesn't answer". Then came a detention. I would then ask the principal. Boom Demerit. The pastor was actually very good in the sense he would explain it out and eventually would remove the demerits and said "next time you have a question write it down and come to me after and I will be more then happy to explain it". Funny how the priest was the most reasonable in those situations.

I also remember this very clearly. We would go to confession once a week. Being a young kid it was hard to mess up between getting up > school > sports > homework > dinner >bed, let alone being scared to death to mess up because "god was watching". I didn't go to confession because I didn't have anything to confess. A teacher (one of the ones that gave me detentions in the story above), pulled me aside and, almost yelling, said "Go to confession now! What if you get killed tomorrow? Your going to go to hell because you didn't confess your sins." I was shitting my pants because of that and needless to say I went to confession every other dayish for a few months.


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