What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you while being religious?

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you while being religious? 

For me, it has been locked in a closet for asking to many questions about religion when I was a young girl. Yes I was put through a gauntlet of adoption homes. I am going to leave it at that.

I would like to hear your story. If you are brave enough to let others know your plight. I am sure it would make others have a breath of fresh air that they are not alone in this process of terror. I know just letting the world this tiny factoid about me has done me a world of good.

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I suppose this is hard for everyone.
Religion has a lot of effects in the long run.

When I was a believer, I think the worst thing was that I fell back at school. Not only school, but in any little thing that could have improved my life in the future. Waste of time. Depression. Fear of 'the devil'. Fear of thinking. Being imprisoned in my own mind.

I think all those are the consequence of not being allowed to think free. I felt in a cage. Good thing i'm out.

You just wrote my story...couldn't agree more.


The hard thing is trying to "catch up" later in life.

Home schooling made this all a bit more of a staple in the head for me... Adjusting has been quite the thing.

trying to go to Iraq to fight American
what I fu**ed up day it was
Not a lot that was bad happened to me when I was religious, at least not that was religion-related. I know I'm fairly lucky in that respect, and it does make for a fun response when I am asked (as so many of us are) what horrible thing happened to make me 'hate God'.
It is not that bad for me. I just felt there was something lacking in me that I couldn't feel the spirit like everyone else seemed to. It did not help my chronic depression.

I really wanted that mountian-top feel and the euphoria of knowing. Never got there. I did think it was all my own fault and it was because I was too rational to fall for it. Accepting that about myself was great freedom.
What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you while being religious?

You mean, aside from being religious?

That was gonna be my answer :)

The mental torture from being taught that certain things you think about constitutes sinning, like some sort of magical facist thought police and by doing so I'd go to hell.

Drove me crazy bro!
I'm sorry you were treated that way. How ridiculous that a child would be abused like that simply for asking questions. That's what kids are supposed to do!

Like Loop Johnny, I just feel like I wasted a ton of time being depressed and afraid. It's funny how religion is often presented as something that will take all of our problems away. "Just cast all of your cares on Jesus!" But in reality, it causes problems of all kinds. I believe that my religion held me back quite a bit in life. I'm correcting that now. :)

Also, when I was 12, a church friend committed suicide. We were told he was in hell because suicide is a sin. Yeah, a group of adults told a group of children that their recently deceased, beloved friend was burning in hell. Isn't religion lovely?

That happened to me too! Wow I totally forgot about that. My aunt's husband hung himself on the basketball hoop of the school's gym when I was like 7. I didn't even know about suicide being considered a sin and I told my priest that I wondered where my uncle would go (as in, heaven or hell). He didn't even think about, just said "Well, he's in hell now. You'll have to forget about him." as if he was explaining where babies are made or something. So I spent a good deal of time thinking I was supposed to forget anyone who didn't live a life (or die a death) that the Church condoned. Catholicism comes with a certain arrogance.



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