Before I pose my question, I will clarify what I mean by 'punitive justice' in this context.

'Justice' means only the creation and enforcement of laws by a recognized political agency/ authority.  There is no implication that these laws are just or moral per se.

'Punitive' means that the afore mentioned law enforcement punishes by design.  The law making and enforcing agencies deliberately punish offenders for their crimes under the belief that punishment has intrinsic value. 

The question I pose is this: Is there still a place for punitive justice in modern society?  

This isn't intended a 'yes' or 'no' question.  Shades of grey are encouraged.  Various anarchistic views are also relevant.  I don't care about thread drift here provided it is drift and not total derailment.  Perhaps I'm thinking too narrowly on this subject.

On a side note, disagreeing with my views on this subject is punishable with death by forced Glenn Beck marathon!!!!  Grrr.

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One must also contextually assume that the use of the word re-arrest also includes conviction and imprisonment. I don't like assuming anything, especially when statistics are involved. Especially when you see the same article talking about arrest charges in a contextual manner that does not imply conviction or imprisonment.

I just found that the article from wiki actually left me with more questions than answers. What's the saying? "There's lies, damn lies, and statistics"
Haha. True, true. I'm taking it all in on a contigency basis, anyway. Grains of salt all around.
How rare are psychopaths, anyway?

I don't know. If I'm not mistaken, the term psychopath was dropped for a period of time. I think it was replaced by antisocial personality disorder. The incidence of antisocial personality disorder is something like 3% in males and 1% in females.

The problem is, there are different types or subgroups of antisocial personality disorder, and I don't think they all fit the concept of psychopathy we are talking about here. In this case, I don't quite know how to meaningfully deal with what feels like ambiguity. Perhaps I just need to read up and get informed.
I guess clear definitions aren't always easy. My layman's understanding is that psychopaths are rare. More common are sociopaths.

I think I need to read up more and get informed, too.
Maybe recidivism will be higher for the pedophiles.

Very possible. I'm almost afraid to research it online.
Unfortunately, there is a whole class of people we could describe as society's "underbelly". They don't understand rehabilitation. They don't want rehabilitation. They want to kill their (perceived) enemies or they want easy money or they want sex with frightened strangers or whatever.

The human condition encompasses the full gamut of people. Some of them are simply sick fucking people; without any hope of rehabilitation. That's the truth I've found in my experience thus far.
The question is about punishment though. If some people are 'sick fucking people' with no hope of rehabilitation, would it not be a waste of energy to actively punish them?
But punishment is so festive!
I don't follow your reasoning.

I am very judgemental. I try not to be.  My simple reference is the golden rule, clarified to include everyone with a nervous system and the ability to feel sadness or pain.  The eastern religions first teaching of "Ahimsa", which means :"Do no harm" works well.  Anyone who chooses to cause the suffering of others for his own benefit, is acting badly, in my view.

I feel rage at those who abuse, starve, rape, or kill someone (including other animals) over whom they have power.  I feel vengeful.  I imagine poetic justice.  I want to carry it out.  I might "turn the other cheek" for injustices against me, and I may be forgiving.  When the injustice is against some powerless "other", I want retribution.  I admit this generally unacceptable point of view.  Still, I do do wish to give the power of severe punishment to my government.  I do not trust them.


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