Now that you are atheist or have been atheist your whole life. What is the most interesting thing you know about in our natural world?

I will chime in when this post gets rolling. 

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DMT, the most potent hallucinogenic compound known, is one such drug! Its released in the brain when people have extremely traumatic experiences. Some people think this is the reason people who have near death experiences have vivid idea's of tunnels of light, etc. DMT is in a lot of plants and can actually be made quiet easily from common grass!! 

I think its the fact that particles can come into existence from nothing. There called virtual particles, and are pairs of electron-positron particles. They's are complete opposite, matter and anti-matter, and destroy each other after a few moments in time. But occasionally these occur near black holes, if by chance, one of the pair is beyond the event horizon and the other isn't, one will be sucked into the black hole and the other will be left to traverse away from the black-hole! So, therefore, a particle can actually come into existence from nothing, I think this is the most amazing thing! That and the fact that we are all made from star dust!

The possibility that one day an evolutionary branch of the human species, our technology, could spread throughout the galaxy and universe in some form of nanotechnology spreading our particular breed of consciousness throughout, transforming all matter into consciousness bringing the entire universe together into one enormous being.

For ssome reason this idea reminds me of Childhood's End
by Arthur C. Clark. 

Sean, What is it that science is understanding complete? Within what is the dependency on understanding the world through third part agency, they will not understand complete. There is nothing that you are saying that is not true and it is also true that it is not complete and some of what you are discussing is arranged/connected in a way that is not continuable. This is also what happens with science and medicine when they can not continue what they are understanding and are caused to break down, revise and change within what is the area where there is evolution. For you to do and say what is able to be added to and not requiring breaks, rearrangement and insertions, you would move out of the "thinking" that you are dependent upon other human beings to tell you how to understand your interests. Especially, when those human beings are trying to understand in environments that do not provide them with an ability to see and know continuously. For example, see the time outs that are caused to liquid hydrogen in the setting of a lab. When time outs are occurring, the life trying to understand liquid hydrogen is not placed an awareness and is not allowed to use itself for what ever length of moments is required to reform/evolve doing different circumstances and relocate or reposition separated understanding life according to what they can be moved over to that is understandable to them and others in an area.

The simple truth pertaining to the areas of different and continuous universe (which is not including the area of the Always Universe where everything exists now some being manifested and some not yet able to be "clothed" or caused interesting, because it can not be seamlessly understandable now) is that all that exists is liquid hydrogen and liquid helium. In the doing different universe, helium is caused together with hydrogen through what is separated awareness life. There are a lot of names for what exists in between according to what area of activity life is looking into it and according to just how much separation there is away from pure liquid helium (which is a living activity atmosphere when it is applied and rotated circling back continuously). It is not possible to understand liquid helium with an imaging system to a "TV Set" as it exists pure and continuous (not allowed to be interrupted). When you start looking across areas of activity, you are able to see your interests related together in a way that is not random. A human, designed to be continuous understanding life, is supported to do this when it is provided unity with united circumstances (this is a set of consciousness or understanding and translating attention spans) and not an integrating separating one that will be caused to come and go. This placement of non random experiences providing whole understanding (sight knowing) is the sagacity process or what some refer to as the acquisition of wisdom. This way of seeing, knowing and relating your interests across places you go happens within emotion that is appreciated.

In your case, the truth is that you are not thinking and you are instead activity life at an activity place where you are doing and saying both "do something different" to life misunderstanding something and "here is an interest - reverse of united" to other life depending on the subject matter.

To Barry and life understanding like him: Barry means: "Don't question humans to know about something". You can see something interesting again and again so you can know and experience your whole self doing and saying about it in a way that appreciates. With your typing, you are showing your interest in continuality while also understandinghorsemanure to you. It is the consciousness you are placed that is resulting in you "telling" others something that you do not understand completely that is not appreciated and "tailing" others to find out about something that ultimately you will know about completely placed directly to you in some existence area (formation/position) where it can be done and where you can appreciate your experience knowledge, movement and communication.

Wholey, no offence but this is non-logical tripe and not even on the thread that its supposedly relevant to. Your just making stuff up in your head that has no structure and throwing in science terms. Look up what hydrogen and helium are, and M-theory to, because elements and superstring theory certainly has nothing to do with whatever you think your talking about. And please, start using proper grammar to, its just annoying when you don't. 

Sean, Do you know how you understood this communication to you? There is more of where that came from as long as you understand your existence that way.

As of now, there is nothing you will be doing within the activity area of science that you are trying to understand yourself around with life that is using itself interested in how knowledge is formed and experiences placed to existence areas either within what is continuousness universe (the area of unity) or discontinuous universe (the area of integration). Right now you are understood as "understanding life" and you can look for another interest that can be built upon when you experience telling yourself something or experience areas of yourself engaged in non appreciated activity that you can not see or explain.

You're just trolling on this site aren't you? Trying to get people all riled up with incoherent stuff that cleverly disguises as something profound? It is interesting how that almost always works.

WTF? Is this perhaps related to the earlier mention of DMT? Please refrain from dosing before typing. Thanks so much.

Nope, its about the conversation on self awareness and free-will, nothing at all to do with this! Have to say whatever wholeys dropping must be some seriously potent stuff! 

Most interesting to me is that it is unclear how much I can say I know anything. I have about 3 pounds of "wetware" in my skull, which takes sensory inputs and organizes them into what I perceive as reality. Is that actually reality? I probably approach the best approximation of reality with the right "software', i.e. scientific rationalism, but ultimately what I know or claim to know cannot be proved to an absolute certainty.

While this is interesting, I don't give it a lot of thought when it comes to whether I step out in front of that bus.

Have you read "The Fabric of Reality" and "The Beginning of Infinity?" I think you might enjoy those :) 


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