Now that you are atheist or have been atheist your whole life. What is the most interesting thing you know about in our natural world?

I will chime in when this post gets rolling. 

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Yeah, that's a cool phenomenon.  I am ex-Army.  Combat causes time to slow down as well.  Very trippy.

It happened to me a few times before an almost crash with walls, that effect helped me move the car quick enough to prevent it.

I have no idea what the most interesting thing I know is, but after a week that just seems to be dragging on into eternity, squid are the first things that comes to mind.  Squid (and other associated cephalopods) are pretty rad.  Their ability to rapidly adjust their camouflage to complex patterns resembling their immediate environment is impressive on its own.  The fact that they can use their colouration for active communication is even more impressive.  The fact that they can use colouration for active communication without breaking their camouflage is even more impressive still.

And the fact that squid actively communicate at all is pretty remarkable in itself.  A number of cephalopods show signs of relatively high intelligence, which is fascinating in light the considerable differences between their nervous systems and those of other intelligent animals (notably humans ourselves).

The most interesting things to me is already mentioned, the rest of the universe, and music. Music can really affect my mood and feelings. But another thing I find interesting and kind of weird is dreams. I can have a dream one night, that feels really clear and coherent. About something dramatic, nice or just casual. And think about it the rest of the following day, and sometimes it stays in my mind several days. And I know that it is just made up jibberish from my brain. But I can get really passionate about the "story" that unfolded in my mind that night. It is not like I am making it up on purpose, but somtimes the dreams are just so... awesome =P

A lot of research shows that dreams aren't always just random jibberish, even in other animals. They often feel profound in some way, because they are produced by a brain that feels something in particular really is profound, to start with.

I've often dreamt a review of significant-feeling recent events, or of a future, significant event that's on my mind. I feel that probably dreams help us both "learn" and consolidate attitudes and behaviors that we're pretty sure will be successful, plus, some randomness during dreams sometimes adds to creative ideas about what to try in real life, in the future.

I think it's unfortunate that people's feeling that dreams feel somehow mystical at times makes them misinterpret their true value of helping us to evaluate our perceptions and plan future behavior at subconscious levels.

Although a lot of people claim to know a lot of things, all of us really don't know much of anything at all and Its ok not to know. Admitting that one doesn't know is very liberating. 

I became an atheist through scientific knowledge, so I guess the most interesting thing I've learned would be stellar nucleosynthesis.

Late as usual. My answer is: That I wasn't given life by a god. Totally blew me away when I found out. I will probably be marveled by that for the rest of my life.

The most interesting thing that I know,

If you hold the door close button on an elevator and hold the floor you want to go to until the door closes and the elevator starts to move. The elevator will not stop to pick up other passengers until you have reached the desired floor.


I bet that depends on the manufacturer or the elevator or the control panel.

He was such a cool guy. 

Religion is a term created by man to subdue anomy. 


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