Now that you are atheist or have been atheist your whole life. What is the most interesting thing you know about in our natural world?

I will chime in when this post gets rolling. 

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There are so many things, but perhaps the weirdest is the subatomic phenomenon called "entanglement," where particles become related in such a fashion that whatever happens to one of them affects the other, no matter how far apart they may be. Read more here.

I find it very interesting, too, that there are pages that have the words "This page intentionally left blank" on them, which means they really are not blank at all!

If one is going to say that a page is intentionally left blank, shouldn't that message be put on the page before or after it? E.g., "The prior page was intentionally left blank."

I believe that with your "blank" page example you refer to what some people might call a self-referential paradox.  Douglas Hofstadter has some interesting views on this matter, and you might find his book "I am a Strange Loop" interesting in this regard. As per Hofstadter our sense of freewill is one such self-referential paradox. He has the idea of "level-crossing," which he uses to make his arguments. If you end up reading the book, I'd be interested in knowing your views. 

Simply, Science.

Its too hard to pick just one, every day I learn something new that we have developed, discovered or figured out or are on the verge of.  Dark Energy, Quantum Science, Nanotechnology... I am never ceased to be amazed, as soon as I learn something that is fascinating I discover something that dwarfs it in comparison.

I cannot agree more.

I third that!

Mosquitoes flap their wings up to 1046 times a second! I can flap my arms twice a second. Epic fail on my behalf. I can make a wicked English fry up mind. 

That the matter that we are made of was forged in the hearts of dying stars whose size and energy I struggle to comprehend. Simply put, anything larger than He is a bitch to make.

Funny that, when I read your comment ("anything larger than He is a bitch to make") my mind reflexively snapped to the Xian convention of capitalizing any reference to their make-believe friends.  On reflection, however, I think even the Xians would agree- making anything larger than He IS a bitch. Of course, the effort to come up with the imaginary friend irself must have been considerable.

the 3 primary colours are red blue and green, but meny artists think they are red blue and yellow

Now wait a second. If you're working in paint, try making yellow with red, blue, and green, which are the colors you need when working with colored light. They are two different systems, one additive and the other subtractive, but they are both systems based on primary colors. You make it sound like one of them is wrong.

Yup. It all depends on if you're working with light or with pigment. Erin needs to do more homework.


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