Now that you are atheist or have been atheist your whole life. What is the most interesting thing you know about in our natural world?

I will chime in when this post gets rolling. 

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There still so much more to learn and discover scientifically!  Love it.

time travel is possible...

It would have to be knowing how little we know about how our brains really work and how much potential we have left to access inside them.  Im so excited to be alive while we are unlocking so many secrets and answering so many questions, which often leads to more questions but GOD damn thats exciting hah. 

That no matter how deep we look into the ocean the less we know.

That there is no God;)


A force so weak it takes a rock the size of the Earth to make a feather float gently to the ground. And yet, the universe as we know it would be impossible without it. In fact, it may not actually belong here. It may be a strong force in another universe in another dimension and the gravity we know is simply a little of that force "leaking" into our dimension.

The feather floats gently because of air resistance. Without air (i.e. in a vacuum) it would drop like a rock.

The point was that it falls to the ground and stops. If it were as strong as the strong electromagnetic force, it would keep going once it hit. You picked up on an irrelevant aspect of the expression and missed the point.

No, Unseen, I just corrected your characterization of gravity's effect on a feather. Read it again.

And so you actually believe my point was about feathers.

I believe I corrected an error and you have a hard time accepting you were wrong in the very specific way I addressed.

Not a big deal to me.

So you say.



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