I say it is meaningless or "it would be better for a man not to be born than to be brought into the world", but Im just curious and somewhat sick of debates at the moment so you can criticize my view I just may not answer and Id like to hear yours

Also another question I have for Atheists is why should I (or anyone else) be moral if there is no God? I wont accept it if it is subjective because subjective morals makes Nazism moral.

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I think that says more about your God and religion than about people in general. I know for a fact that Catholic Guilt almost destroyed me.
Which leads back to the atheism being freeing and happier and stuff thing I mentioned earlier! ;)

By the way when you said this it reminded me of Hinduism - or is it Buddhism? Maybe it's both - where "Life is suffering". Bleak way to look at life if you ask me. I think they're wrong. There is joy and all sorts of other good things in life.
That's Buddhism, but the funny thing about Buddhism is that it realizes the meaninglessness of words. When they say life is suffering, they mean it in terms of a cycle and that to exist means to want, and to want is to suffer, but there are varying grades of suffering. That doesn't mean that a Buddhist can't find happiness in life or that life isn't happiness. Heck, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of Buddhists that have material possessions. Like Tiger Woods. LOL.
Did you know you can now be a Buddhist Atheist? Buddha didn't want people to deify him anyway... he just wanted them to live by certain principles, which an atheist can follow! :)
No this has nothing to do with guilt this has to do with emptiness and lack of purpose in life
That's not a problem atheists have. You should try it.
Its not a problem Christians have but it is a problem deists have I would know.
Helping others gives purpose to anyone, regardless of religion or philosophy. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but emptiness is never a problem.
You really believe all that stuff because, without it, you feel emptiness? Is that really a reason to believe? You sound like an alcoholic who only drinks to cure their loneliness, but it's a pretty poor anecdote.

You can have whatever self-ordained purpose you want; it can be as noble and lofty as you want, or it can be as mundane as living on the beach and surfing. Do what you love and have a passion for... that can be your purpose. Having some invisible guy tell you what to do doesn't actually seem that fulfilling to me.
The universe is a brutal place; its violence certainly isn't proof of a higher being. Humans behave like animals because we ARE animals. We create happiness; we agree to work together for good and fight against all the terrible things in the world. Religion is a bigger snare than non-belief, I can tell you that. Don't fret so much.
1) Meaning of life: For me it requires no other objective than that of living. I enjoy ever minute, even if it is with the long term goals in mind. When I spend time with my family, I really, really do my best to connect. When I look at artwork, I cherish it for the temporary beauty it is. I don't have some eternal afterlife to look forward to, so I'm enjoying the here and now.

2) Since when does god make you moral? Have you ever actually read the Bible? God rewards adulterers, murders children with bears, participates in genocide worse than any Nazi officer could comprehend and advocates rape. There are rules FOR stoning people, but rules against trimming your beard or eating shellfish. It's a backwards, superstitions bunch of contradictions written by goat herders!
I'm moral because I despise the hypocrite. I don't act like a dick because I wouldn't want someone to act like a dick to me.
In terms of relativity, (cus hey, some people ARE masochists!) I just go with what an average, every day person would appreciate if I think my own particular judgment might be off.
Don't forget forced abortions!


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