I say it is meaningless or "it would be better for a man not to be born than to be brought into the world", but Im just curious and somewhat sick of debates at the moment so you can criticize my view I just may not answer and Id like to hear yours

Also another question I have for Atheists is why should I (or anyone else) be moral if there is no God? I wont accept it if it is subjective because subjective morals makes Nazism moral.

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Life is way MORE meaningful without some god there to make you seem insignificant. God supposedly decides things about your life, he's the reason you exist in the first place, he's the reason you die, he's the reason you go to heaven or hell. If you pray and want something to happen, God can know way more than you could ever know and God can have his own reasons for saying "no" to your desperate desire.

However if you realize there are no gods, no afterlife, no person controlling the Matrix (never saw that movie really but I think it applies, lol), then all of a sudden life is more meaningful. It's my life, I'm only going to live it once. If I want something to happen, no invisible god can stop it from happening, it's either just chance or I have to actually do something to make it more likely to happen. If I want to cure the sick and feed the hungry, I won't pray but instead donate money or actually deliver food and medicine to those in need, and be the person controlling the situation and helping. Your life is meaningful in that you've touched other people's lives and made imprints in their memories that last even after you die. If you have kids your life is meaningful because you created them and had you not had sex with that one person the child would not exist. Your life is what you make of it. Being free from the worry that god is going to be mad at you and destine you to hell or even destine you to a less-enjoyable life on earth just for doing something like oversleeping and missing church or having sex with protection when you're unmarried is so FREEING. You realize you're an atheist and God doesn't exist and there's no God that is all-knowing and is always monitoring your every thought... it's just amazing, freeing, relaxing, like a weight is lifted off your shoulder. Your life is more significant and meaningful because you're in control, you only live once and it's your chance to do something great if you want to, you have the ability to learn and discover and understand the world through science, etc.

As for the moral thing, atheists are more moral than many religious people - by MY moral standards. Someone who is religious can feel justified disowning their homosexual child. Someone who is religious can feel justified blowing up an abortion clinic. Someone who is religious can think God is on their side and it can lead them to feeling justified in becoming a Nazi or any other insanely horrible thing. Atheists don't have a God to support them, we judge what seems right based on various factors, it's a difficult to pin-down science, but we all feel empathy for each other, we don't WANT to kill each other, we don't want to just have sex if it's against the other person's will, etc. I mean maybe a few people with psychological issues do but that applies to more religious people than atheists (most likely because there are more religious people in the world than atheists). We are moral for lots of reasons and I'm not an expert but it's not because of a non-existent God nor a very flawed bible that condones insane sexism and condones slavery and other things most of us intelligent people now deem immoral.
/You say that other people's lives, from their own perspectives, are meaningless? That is the very height of ignorance.../

I made it clear that that is my perspective.

//I wont accept it if it is subjective because subjective morals makes Nazism moral.//
If morality is relative then in 1940 Nazi Germany it was moral to kill Jews
If morality is relative then in 1940 Nazi Germany it was moral to kill Jews

There is no such thing as an universal objective "good" or "evil".
Then you are in no position to call God or anyone for that matter immoral
Um... the concept of "morality" is man-made, so yes, we humans can decide what is immoral and tell you you're being immoral. Yaweh is immoral because he's a murderer. We don't tolerate murderers in this culture, and we certainly don't bestow accolades of honor on them.

Oh yeah, and the concept of "god/gods" is also man-made, so I think we can pass judgment on that which we created. Man made god in his image, after all.
Judging by their actions, Satan is more moral then Yahweh.
The definition of "morality" is like the definition of "art". Everyone has a vague understanding of what it is to be moral, or what is considered art, but there is no consensus and much disagreement.

I don't believe morality is relative, but I also don't believe the concept is dependent on their being a deity to decide what is and isn't moral (especially not one who doesn't even follow his own rules).

Let's go back a few thousand more years when God commanded his chosen to destroy the Canaanites. Was that morally wrong? If you say "no" because God commanded it, then you have just condoned the mindset of those who murdered the Jews in the Holocaust. Hitler believed it was his God-given calling and purpose to wipe out the Jews (among others). There has been a lot of genocide carried out in the name of some god (very often Yaweh); more often than not, in fact. We can't say it's only okay to destroy nations in the name of the Judeo-Christian god and not in the name of, say, Allah (who actually is the same God, if you wanna get technical).

If it's morally wrong to kill the Jews because of one brand philosophy, then it's wrong to kill all nationalities and people-groups because of any philosophy, including yours.
Well if the people around you and the government you consent to is the source of morality then I dont understand where you are drawing this conclusion from
//I'm curious, do you think it is your belief in a god or gods that makes you feel life is meaningless? If you feel it is better for someone to not be born at all, to not have life, does that stem from your religious belief?//
The pain of this world outweighs the benefits in my opinion and it does stem from my religious beliefs and my experiences
//free-thinkers, humanists, agnostics, atheists, and such usually have a better understanding of philosophy, religious history, sciences, and spirituality than most religious people.//
With the exception of "free thinkers"I have found the opposite to be true

//I suppose, since I am subservient to no gods and no supernatural beliefs, I am free to consider the meaning of life at my leisure. I have no reason to stop and be like, "I'm not allowed to ask these questions", since there's no one who can tell me I cannot seek the truth. This brings me to ponder the nature of religion. It seems like religion is only continued in modern societies as a means of control. Religious leaders do all they can to maintain their mental control over their "flock of sheep". I wonder what would happen to religion if more people asked questions without the boundaries imposed by their religious leaders and religious writings.//

you are over generalizing in this paragraph, what you see to be true for one group of religious people is not necessarily true for all religious people
So what do you think is a better alternative to the pain of this world? Maybe we should work together to make it a less painful place, rather than worrying about how we will furnish our imaginary mansions after we are dead.

That religion is about subservience and control is not an over-generalization. It is those very qualities which gave primitive leaders a competitive advantage over their neighbors. Again, it's all about evolution.
People dont want to make this world a better place for others but only for themselves

Over half of my friends including myself have been suicidal at some point I can name Five people who have almost killed themselves by overdose I know a few people who were raped I know numerous people who hate life and the list goes on I have seen way more hurt than I have happiness and quite honestly.


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