I say it is meaningless or "it would be better for a man not to be born than to be brought into the world", but Im just curious and somewhat sick of debates at the moment so you can criticize my view I just may not answer and Id like to hear yours

Also another question I have for Atheists is why should I (or anyone else) be moral if there is no God? I wont accept it if it is subjective because subjective morals makes Nazism moral.

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The fact that it will be all for nothing is not an argument against the fact that it is really all for nothing. It's an unpleasant reality, just like the fact there are starving children in Africa; it's unpleasantness doesn't make the fact disappear.
Yes, if something exists but is just invisible then maybe you can have a relationship with it.

But if something really doesn't exist, then your relationship with it might be real to you, it's a very real psychological phenomenon happening in your brain, and you think and feel that you have a relationship with God... but it's all imaginary. It's not actually a real relationship. It's one that's all inside your head. I don't know. Maybe even if something is all inside your head it's still "real". It's a complicated philosophical question, I'm not sure there is a good. definitive answer for it.

And if you then die, after filling your life with meaning, and doing something like saving the whales so they don't go extinct or having a baby or whatever, why was it "all for nothing"? I don't understand your reasoning, David. Are you even trying at all to understand us atheists? The whales are now saved, we're dead but that "meaning" and "purpose" we gave to our lives still lives on even after we're dead. Our children are still alive even after we're dead. So why was it all for nothing? It wasn't for nothing. We were successful and it worked and it was all done for the reasons we knew we were doing it for. :D
My mom heard music in her head for a while, sometimes thinking it was real. Turns out, brain tumor!
So do you think her hallucinations of music were "real"? I mean they were real hallucinations, right? But the music wasn't real. It was real to her and there is something "real" about it but her perception of reality was still wrong... oh well, I'm still confused about whether a relationship to a non-existent-God is real LOL!
haha... well, the hallucinations were real, whatever that means. the music definitely was not real. and I don't think it was "real", just like I don't think a person's experience with God is real, however convincing it is in their mind. the mind is a powerful thing, after all. I mean, think about what placebos do for people!
You couldn't possibly know that

My relationship with God when I was a believer was about as substantial as my relationship with the ogre in the closet of a kid in China. Yeah. I send him letters, but he never calls.

Then you die and it was all for nothing

Bull crap.
For me the meaning of life is to enjoy what we have and lead by treating each other well making it better overall for our offspring. By our, I don't just mean ours, but everyone's. For example, I don't have kids, but I maintain the neighborhood that I'm in so that it's safe clean and fulfilling for kids and adults.

I take care of others by being a blood donor. I'm a organ and marrow donor as well. It's all about caring for the greater community. My job is about safety and I keep people safe so that they can go home to their families. I'm literally a one off copy, no one who does what I do has nearly the variety of experience in it? Did God place me here for my "purpose"? I care for complete strangers and seeing the world as a larger community full of equal humans can help you do that.

The return question would be, "What is the purpose of life for a Christian?" Are you doing more than waiting for death so that you can go to heaven? If so, what is it that you are doing and why do you define it as a purpose? What made it your purpose? My experience with people using the word purpose or calling to describe what they are doing, will have a new calling the next time that I see them.

Your description of marriage is pretty romanticized. Notice that the consequences for the relationship you laid out with God all go in one direction. You will not want to set that relationship up in real life. The wife can do whatever she wants without repercussions. In effect, it's the same scenario as your complaint about the potential actions of a monkey. Morals are not absolute as a whole. What happens is that if you set up consequences for bad behavior such as being tossed from the collective, most will fall in line. A blank check of forgiveness is a blank check for bad behavior. This is why we have high crime rates in the US but the Netherlands is closing down prisons. As I've said before, "I have to live with what I do. I don't have anyone to forgive me."
Oh yeah I wanted to ask that, what is your meaning of life? As a Christian what is so meaningful about life?

I've donated blood twice (and tried a third time - on my birthday last year actually!) but they turned me down because they couldn't find my vein - I have really difficult-to-find veins LOL.

I'm also willing an organ donor (according to my driver's license) and argued with my roommates about it last year, they thought they were too young to be organ donors, it was too adult of a decision to make at 16, I thought they were crazy, when you're young and healthy and going to die due to a head injury in a sudden car accident that's the PERFECT time to give the gift of your healthy young organs to someone who needs them, you won't need them anymore! They didn't have a response for me but idk if I fully convinced them though lol.

And oh, wow, "I have to live with what I do. I don't have anyone to forgive me." - that's so perfect and so true. :D
Exactly! I really don't like the idea that love always forgives. I'm not a doormat, and I don't expect anyone else to be a doormat for me. If I've been a lying, cheating wife, have some self-respect and throw me to the curb!

And as far as the Cross is concerned, I think anyone who allows someone else to die for their crimes is a coward. I don't care how loving or full of grace the martyr is; it makes me a piece of shit to let them get beaten to a bloody pulp and hung on a cross if I really am the guilty party! I would never let someone rot in jail for me; I would never let someone sit in the electric chair for me! If the next answer is to tell me then I had better accept this "gift" so that Jesus didn't die and suffer for nothing, then you can't tell me it's not about guilt.

To take this a bit further, allowing someone to sacrifice their own innocent life for my guilty life is another stain on the concept of Christianity. Why allow what is evil and base to survive? Why destroy and sacrifice that which is good and perfect so that wretchedness and sin can prevail? It makes no sense! If I really am as bad as the Bible claims I am (which I don't for one second believe or accept), then let me take the punishment I deserve.

If God really wanted to banish evil, he would stop dying for its sake. He has perpetuated it by allowing what is good to be persecuted and destroyed.
The purpose of a Christian is to make an eternal difference in the lives of their fellow man and serve God

//The wife can do whatever she wants without repercussions//

Is that really what you would do?
You are obviously so confused!!

First off, Cara Coleen said that YOU (David) the "wife" that is married to God, are acting like there would be no repercussions if you do anything wrong.

You, David, said:

//The anger of God does not influence me, its His love.
The relationship I have with God can be analogous to a husband who says to his wife "I will not divorce you" and in turn she is faithful and loving towards her husband even though she has a guaranteed life partner no matter what she does.//

Cara Coleen replied (and I agree) that "If I've been a lying, cheating wife, have some self-respect and throw me to the curb!".

And besides, in my opinion, a marriage should be a partnership. Wives can divorce their husbands if their husbands betray them, and husbands can divorce their wives if their wives betray them. Both parties have the right to be allowed to leave the marriage if they want to. Because the marriage was based, in the first place, on a promise to be faithful and not betray each other. Both the bride and groom made the choice to want to be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. It wasn't like God bringing you into the world so now you "owe" him and you don't have a choice, you just must respect him and be faithful to him and follow his rules and devote your life to him. I don't see how that is a marriage at all. Not in any way.

Then you said

//The purpose of a Christian is to make an eternal difference in the lives of their fellow man and serve God//

What? So oh, are you an Evangelical Christian? I never grew up around any of those types of Christians, I was Catholic lol. Evangelicals think their mission in life is get people to hear the word of God and therefore "be saved" and get into heaven, hence the "eternal difference" part? I guess that makes some sense... it wouldn't apply to my Catholic form of Christianity where that wasn't at all a part of it... but maybe that could be some kind of meaning of life for you, I suppose. Your whole meaning of life is based on an afterlife that doesn't actually exist though. To me, that is sad. Think about it through my perspective. Seriously. Just think "what if" there really isn't an afterlife? And you just wasted your whole life trying to make sure you and everyone you run into gets into that afterlife. Your life has been a complete and utter waste of time. It's a tragedy. You could have done something REAL with your life and made a real meaning out of it for yourself.
Yeah, now THERE is a waste of time for ya...


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