Ok. I'm no philosophy whiz, but I have an opinion on this issue that morals and ethics are NOT the same.

My professor disagrees with me.

What do you all think? Is there a difference? Does it matter? I think it does. I can think of many things I would deem unethical, but not necessarily moral or immoral....but....is my professor wrong or am I wrong?


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Now we're rewriting the dictionary to conform to our worldview, eh?

There's no discussion of moral values?  That's hysterical.

I just thought of a simple example of usage.

Some organizations produce their own Code of Ethics, and it's often highly regarded as a standard in the industry. They never call them a code of morality.

But the do sometimes call them simply a Code of Behavior. And since they are prescriptive and not to be argued with (handed down by a moral authority) they really should be called morals rather than ethics. They may be called a Code of Ethics to make people feel more comfortable with them. Some people would resent having to be told to obey a set of corporate moral prescriptions.


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