We (atheists & agnostics) spend much of our time refuting religion. We sometimes become defensive in our stance that reason and logic should prevail above all else (and rightly so). But has there ever been a time when someone actually made sense in his or her argument for religion that made you think "that's a good point". Or is their anything about life that does point to something greater than science? I am not trying to foster support for religion in any way, but we are not like "them", in the sense that if we're presented with a valid argument, we can at least acknowledge that it was a good assertion.



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Happiness is the goal of life, and religion can make some people happy.  That's pretty much it, aside from the whole "you don't know, it could be true" bit.  The happiness argument is actually what kept me a 'Christian' theist for the last few years.  Ironically, most of my wisdom about the goodness of religion came from Buddhism, even though I was a Christian.

Would you explain what is meant by happiness?


Also,  your response has me recommend reading or listening to The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris. If at some point this happens, I would be curious to see your thoughts about the content and any pertinent tidbits.



In the words of Richard Dawkins, who, when was posed this question stood at the podium and clearly said:




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