A few friends of mine smoke and I just don't see the appeal. Why?

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The appeal I think is, at first, to look cool (mission failed imo) and then once you have had the first few puffs, the appeal becomes the feeling you get from it... some kind of relaxing high. And thirdly, it is the nicotine addiction which is the appeal.


If you are thinking about trying it, don't. To me, a girl becomes way less attractive if she smokes and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Totally. Absolute, unquestionable, relationship-potential killer.

So is being short, fat, out of shape, out of work, too opinionated, opposing theological/political outlook, and a huge number of other factors.

Well, sure. Although I kind of like short. But there's no chance we'll have a relationship if she's a smoker, no matter her other traits. Luckily my wife feels the same!

I'm not even talking about relationship potential.... I'm talking about seeing some girl on the street I've never even spoken to and thinking "wow she is physically attractive" (or thoughts to that effect), then noticing she has a cigarette in her hand and that wow factor of 8+/10 drops to about 2/10... almost completely disinterested.

Tobacco or Cronek?!

"Appeal" might not be the best description, but it's essentially a break and relaxation. I started smoking more heavily while in the military as it passed time, reduced pangs of hunger, and provided quiet moments to reflect.

It has the same appeal as most other psychoactive drugs, be it caffeine, alcohol, THC, alkaloids, opiates, etc.

Stimulants are addictive.  They make us feel energetic and clear-minded.


Unfortunately, the stimulant in tobacco is spiked with a witches' brew of irritants, toxins and carcinogens.


I get the benefits without the harmful additional chemicals by using electronic cigarettes.  A liquid containing nicotine is heated by electric current from a battery to the point that it vaporizes, and I inhale it just as I inhaled cigarette smoke.  The nicotine is still addictive, but I've been addicted to nicotine for 35 years.


A bonus is that the nicotine liquid, called e-liquid, is not subject to any tobacco tax.  I figure that I spend about 75 cents a day on the liquid, which I mix myself and can be any flavor I choose.  I add a touch of food-grade flavoring, which is sold by companies like LorAnns and Flavourart as cooking and candy flavor concentrates.  Most flavors produce no smell to those around me, and the vapor doesn't set off smoke alarms.  I'm not suggesting using electronic cigarettes in airplane restrooms, just saying ... ;-)


I breathe a lot easier these days, and I spend less and worry less.

Wish the smokers in my life would switch over.  Quiting ain't gonna happen, so this is probably the best they could do for their health.

Having been asleep for eight hours and then waking up to a mug of coffee and having your first cigarette of the day.it's the closest thing to heaven I'll ever believe in.

Well said, I love that feeling too.

I am an ex-smoker. I started when I was a young teenager. There was no consensus or awareness back then that it was bad for you. You could even smoke on aeroplanes and doctors waiting rooms!! It was probably a rites of passage thing. However nicotine is an insidiously addictive and dangerous drug. I can only assume that young people still experiment with cigarettes for similar reasons. They may believe that it makes them look cool (boys) or is an appetite suppressant (girls). Whatever the reason, the belief (like god) that there is some benefit to it is a delusion. So when someone says it relaxes them or reduces stress they are mistaken. Why would inhaling poisonous fumes be a good way to chill?

The only reason people continue to smoke is because they are addicted to nicotine.

Stopping smoking was the best days’ work I ever did. I have no regrets in life but I know that if I had continued to smoke I eventually would. I am fitter now than I was twenty years ago and it is only because I stopped smoking and got fit. So Sophie the appeal of smoking is misguided. If you never smoke even one cigarette you will have missed nothing.


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