A few friends of mine smoke and I just don't see the appeal. Why?

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I remember as a small child you could smoke in MacDonalds.  They had those little metal cake tins with groves in them on each table.  And also on buses, the back of the seat in front had an ash tray built in!

I tried my first cigarette out of curiosity, much like my first beer, liquor, joint, snort, cup of coffee, oyster, etc.  That first cigarette gave me a much greater buzz than my first joint.  I tried the odd cigarette from time to time, and the effect was always euphoric.  Eventually I began to use cigarettes to relieve stress, and developed a ritual around smoking that became a familiar retreat.  That ritual is still very pleasant for me, punctuating my day and always leading to moments of reflection.


Now, I know that smoking increases my statistical probability of cardio-vascular disease as well as lung cancer - but for me it's about playing the statistics against the pleasures.  I am far more concerned that my physical activity has dropped from 6 or 7 years ago than I am about smoking - because those physical activities were very pleasurable to me, and great relievers of stress.  My diet isn't perfect by any means, but there as well I swap out items to maximize pleasure while minimizing risk where it is feasible for me to do so - like snacking on shrimp and or oysters rather than deep fried crispy things.


I always find it amazing that people take such an interest in my smoking addiction - and that there is such an evangelical anti-smoking movement out there.  For years I felt exactly the same about coffee as it seems most people feel about cigarettes - but I never felt the urge to explore why they take part in that stinky, unhealthy habit; I just assumed they enjoyed it.  The same goes for pot, deep fried food, and video games.

If you don't see and appeal to smoking perhaps it's because there is no appeal. The question you should ask is why do many people who start smoking have such trouble quitting? I like to smoke when I'm drunk because it's the only time I can tolerate it for more than three puffs. When I wake up after a drunken binge in which I probably smoked half a pack I"m not reaching for my left overs. I usually won't touch them again till the next time a drunken binge makes me stupid enough to smoke again.

Addicts(of whatever drug of choice) are weak people who should go the way of Neanderthals.

Addicts are weak people?  I'm certain you can't recognize a disparity with that statement and your own description of your binge drinking though, huh?

My binge is an adjective to a single night of over indulgence of alcohol. It is in no way a compulsion or something done regularly. If I regularly got that drunk then I would be regularly smoking half a pack of cigarettes defeating the purpose of my shit talking.

Yes, that exactly describes binge drinking - to a 't', actually.  You know that next binge is coming and it becomes a compulsion as soon as a week or two has passed, increasing in intensity until you finally give in (weakness) and head out for that next night of killing brain cells and smoking.  Some say alcoholism is not an addiction but an actual disease of sorts - not sure myself, what's your take?

an extra loud LOL! I think if I was ever to have any compulsion to do anything it would have happened when I was using heroin 14 years ago. I don't think alcoholism is a disease but just another addiction only stronger than most because like heroin has an added physical addictiveness. My experiences with drugs and alcohol is exactly why I view addicts(my father although clean and sober for 20 years is one) as weak. I was able to become physically addicted to heroin and although I really liked the high and I suffered a horrible withdrawal I was able to stop. With the same effort that gets me out of bed in the morning to go to work.


a SHORT period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess


I can't see the draw either. I've never smoked even once, but I know that cigarette smoke has just about always made me feel sick. So the idea of inhaling it on purpose was never an urge I had.

In spite of some of the comments here, I don't think I've ever met a smoker of any age who actually thought smoking made them look cooler.

A teenager starts because many teenagers are experimental. Not all. Some teenagers wouldn't say boo to a goose, but many are.

In the early stages it gives you a bit of a head rush. It's a drug, that's what happens. You smoke again to get the head rush again. The effect lessens over time, so you smoke MORE. It doesn't take long before the nicotine addiction kicks in, and that's why you keep smoking even though you haven't experienced that head rush in years. I assure you, from experience, thoughts of looking or acting "cool" never enter into it. Mostly, its the opposite of cool - it's something you try to be discreet about.

"Smoking gives you a Head Rush" I don't agree with that kevin,and it gives the wrong impression to kids.If you start telling them they can get a Head Rush from it,their going to want to try it even more,maybe leading them on to other DRUGS.

No sir,you did,with your head rush analogy.

I like smoking because it gives me a sort of high, relaxation, clearness of mind, peace from within, well being, satisfaction, gratification, and is a pleasure. Is the cherry on my cake after eating, after sex, during a good conversation, when i wake up and when I'm going to sleep... 


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