A few friends of mine smoke and I just don't see the appeal. Why?

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I don't see any good reasons for smoking and to be honest I find smoking deeply irrational and repulsive. Most people start smoking because they want to be cool and accepted in certain social contexts or because it distracts them from their problems in life. Once you start smoking you become an addict of nicotine and that's the big reason many keep smoking despite the negative economic, social, and health consequences.

It is easy to start smoking but it is much harder never to start smoking or quit smoking. I respect people who does not smoke and I respect people who smokes less. Basically I consider smoking a character flaw!

I have never smoked and I never will - it is a filthy disgusting and stinking habit!

P.s.: My statements are without filter! ha ha :)

ha,ha good one Greg!

I am a former smoker and I still remember why I enjoyed it. It was relaxing. It was a good excuse to get outside and enjoy my back deck more often than I do now. It was social. It was a nice accompaniment to a cup of coffee in the morning. I suppose it triggered some endorphins or something. Whee.

It probably helped that we never, ever smoked inside our house or anyone else's. It was all about going outside and enjoying the night sky or throwing snowballs for the cat to pounce on. 

Ultimately the reasons for quitting were more compelling than the reasons to continue doing it, but it wasn't easy. I'm at almost two years now. I have no thoughts to go back to it, but I won't deny the reasons why I enjoyed it at the time.

I only smoked once about a year ago and it was like you said, Kevin. I was under heavy stress and little sip of that cigarette relaxed me beyond i could with other means, but it was too temporary to my taste. 

Cigarettes are delicious.

Have you tried the caramel covered ones?

Because nicotine is addictive. 

For me its just like alcohol and coffee in that it gives you a sense of euphoria and relaxation even if for just a few minutes.  Sometimes it can be just something to concentrate on to take my mind off of other things.  Also I've worked a lot a jobs, like the one i'm working at right now, where having a cigarette is an excuse to -get away from work for a few minutes.  I'm not really a serious smoker though, I only smoke like 2-6 every day.  I've never understood the appeal of people smoking like 2 packs a day.

Also I've worked a lot a jobs, like the one i'm working at right now, where having a cigarette is an excuse to -get away from work for a few minutes.

Worker:  Excuse me, Boss, but I have to take a 'go-outside-and-relax-break.'  I'm addicted to relaxation, you see.  (Boss nods in understanding)  I'll be taking one to three more breaks today, depending on how much work I get slammed with.

Boss:  You know, you really should quit that; it's a nasty habit. But I understand you can't help yourself.  Go on.  Just don't take too long.

Worker:  Sure thing!

How subtle of you.

Surely Kairan has a point. 

Hey, you're not alone out there! I'm a proud trifecta myself. But get this: I don't even enjoy COFFEE because it tastes like hot, bitter saliva. Really, I essentially have the taste buds of a 6-year-old. I think fruit snacks are my favorite food, probably. I have been drunk a few times, but concluded that it was definitely not fun enough to bother doing again. Putting up with bars? No thank you. Spending that kind of money for a drink that tastes 1/10 as good as the free glass of Coke they serve you at those bars? No thank you.


I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine smoke tasting good or making me feel any sort of pleasure. The excuse for a break and to stand outside I find appealing, however. Not remotely appealing enough to smoke, though, Christ no.


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