Not believing in God is like not shaving.

'Oh you're growing a beard' people say.

'No, I'm just not shaving.'

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Ah, yes, what Robert said. I am still laughing at Scott's response - brilliant - Oh, yes Robert, we Atheists need you even just to bamboozle xians - luv it - Between the likes of Robert and archaeopteryx, we've got it made :D

What Atheism and Christopher Hitchens has done for me, is give me a backbone - plus no fear - Brilliant place to be.

I've heard some Christians--who believe the universe is as big and as old as it actually is--blithely assert that the whole thing was created just to get ONE planet with intelligent life on it, so he could pick that barren part where two large landmasses come together, and as Hitchens puts it, send his people to the only part of that region where there is no oil.

So your gamma ray burst example would be dismissed out of hand.  There can be bursts elsewhere but they don't matter, this is the key part in doG's plan.

OK, that's enough of parroting someone's Bravo Sierra for one post.

Yeah!!! What Robert said!!

Speaking of omniscience, Robert, have you noticed that that of the god of Genesis seems to wax and wane? When given reports of the Tower of Babel, he must come down to see for himself, yet he knows what Sarai is thinking, even though she doesn't speak her thoughts. I'd have to call that situational omniscience - depending entirely on the point the author d'jour was trying to make. (I should probably not say that too loudly, as there may still be those out there who believe Moses actually wrote Genesis, just because the Bible says so, and I would no sooner spoil it for them, than I'd ever tell a child the Easter Bunny really doesn't boil and hide chicken eggs!)

pax vobiscum,

It's a blessing and a curse! ;)

I feel so liberated... have gained confidence because I don't have to keep reminding myself what a piece of shit I am, I am excited to experience and learn new things and not be confined to what is not forbidden, there's no demons lurking in the shadows... I really felt like the world, and my life, opened up. It was like I was born again! (haha)

But it does sadden me that some of my relationships have suffered.

I feel very similar. The loss of some friends/relationships saddens me but I am better for it.


I absolutely identify with not being a piece of shit anymore. I never understood christians who did whateverthehell they felt like without any thought about it whatsoever. I was forever trying to measure up to christ. I took WWJD literally. Now I know there is not "holy spirit" to convict them. That's why they can do whateverthehell they feel like. I however, am free of my invisible prison of perfection! Free at last! Free at last! Thank G...oh, wait...never mind (hehehe)


not believing in god is like smoking weed 

both cost you in some way and some people look down on you for doing so but it leaves you with happyness with your short life and lets you enjoy the small things in life

What is not believing in god like? Its fucking fantastic for one. It frees my mind and allows me to view the universe in a way that seems to simply make more sense.

Sometimes I wonder just the opposite: What it is like to truly believe in a god? As far back as my memory takes me I never really believed. I tried really hard to but it just never worked out there was always some question and always some doubt I was never satisfied with religious answers. Discovering the word atheism was like a breath of fresh crisp clean mountain air... it's really nice to have a word for what I am.

Sleeping in on Sundays!!!


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