Not believing in God is like not shaving.

'Oh you're growing a beard' people say.

'No, I'm just not shaving.'

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It’s like not believing that a sociopathic dragon has created a contradictory set of rules, and is flying around out of site waiting to roast anyone who violates them in any way, and trying to live my life in a respectful and intelligent way while most of those around me scurry about trying to avoid the flames.

A little bit of sadness, a little bit of scorn, and lots of lulz.

@Holly - there will always be people who refuse to give it up -


I don't know because I've never believed in one to compare it ...

I asked a friend once what it was like having a father who was a Dentist.

and he said -  "I dont know - whats it like NOT having a father who was a Dentist".

same kind of thing I guess.

The beard thing - I get the same kind of comments about my nails.

'Oh you're growing your nails'  people say.

'No not really, I'm just not cutting them.'

It's liberating when you discover the whole thing is based on nothing but man-made wish-thinking from our intellectual infancy.

Pardon my arrogance, but I look at it as confirmation that I am more intelligent than most Americans.

That's no great comfort! Not to insult the average citizen, but education is not one of the country's top values. It's like realizing that you are thinner than most Americans.

Not believing in God is like not shaving.

'Oh you're growing a beard' people say.

'No, I'm just not shaving.'

As someone who doesn't believe in god and doesn't shave, I fully support this description.

Sort of like 'losing his hair'.  It makes the guy sound so bloody absent minded - like his hair follicles aren't actually dying, and he doesn't have male pattern baldness - he just keeps losing his hair.  Where the hell does he keep putting it?  How should I know?  If we knew that we could just tell him - maybe tattoo it on his forearm - and then he'ld stop losing his hair!

'Balding' isn't much better really.  I mean it sounds so intentional, like 'growing a beard'.  I can just see this guy's resume - "Great Multi-tasker" (able to attend meetings while balding and beard growing).

Balding and beard growing?  Ah!  He is simply growing through his hair.

Oh, wait....THERE it is! I'm cured.

roflmao. I could see you doing that as part of your bit in a comedy show.

It's pretty much like not believing in Santa Claus or Unicorns or Voldemort: not something to which you give much thought. 


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