The wonderful Talking Heads. Their chorus, "heaven, is a place where nothing, nothing ever happpens..." I love.


Didja ever think about what people expect in this heaven thing. My first thought is "I guess people that are disagreeable to the anyJoe that believes in heaven are allowed to reside in heaven." So the anyJoe has to share his heaven with people he does not like and they him.


If anyJoe stays the same and wants to be happy, the others need to change, or vise versa. Or are there many heavens, one for each anyJoe? davo.

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I've thought a lot about heaven in the recent past.  It seems that, somewhere in the bible, it says you get to worship god all day and night, for eternity.  Sounds like a blast.  Then there are people who think it's just wonderful and everyone gets what they want, which makes no sense.

I guess in heaven we are basically changed - our minds altered so that we feel the same, have the same, purely platonic desires.

Here's a scenario...  A loving husband and father, who works his fingers to the bone to provide for his destitute family, dies.  He, being a, say, good catholic, is rushed into heaven and is surrounded by angels, harps and beer.  Can he see his family?  I'd miss my family until I was mad - can he feel that?  Would having that feeling of pain removed be good?  While I wouldn't want to feel it, imagine NOT feeling it - how awful that a man doesn't miss his family.  Can he see his family?  They always say they are looking down at us.  What would he see?  His wife, unable to provide for his children, turns to prostitution, his sons to drugs and crime.  And that loving father sits in heaven, unable to help his family as they fall into ruin.

Heaven starts to sound like hell when you think about it.

Oh, I know!  There's nothing after death, making all these ponderings moot and pointless.  That makes much more sense.

I had this story running through my head about how heaven seems like a wonderful place at a glance, but really it is populated by a bunch of lobotamized slaves with no free will forced to serve a dictator god for all eternity.  And then all the people in hell are actually freedom fighters trying to overthrow said evil dictator god, and they have this giant battle in which freewill eventually triumphs over mindless servitude and 'paradise' is exposed for the lie that is is.  Then I realized that that was the basic plot for pretty much every dystopian story in existence and moved on to pondering how I could put an end to all those stupid supernatural romances popping up everywhere instead, because there probably isn't an afterlife anyway so pondering its nature is just a giant waste of life.

If there is a heaven then how will everyone get on if they are good Christains, good muslims etc. Surely they would not be able to be together and so many would be kicked out down to hell. Or perhaps every soul will have to kneel to their god and pray to him for eternity. Now that I would love to see.

I always love using few quotes on these discussions about heaven because they are so spot on.


We take comfort in knowing that there is no god. That you are not enslaved in heaven, made to kiss god's ass forever. What you have is better than paradise, you have blessed oblivion. - Thomas Harris


 As far as I can tell from studying the scriptures, all you do in heaven is pretty much just sit around all day and praise the Lord. I don’t know about you, but I think that after the first, oh, I don’t know, 50,000,000 years of that I’d start to get a little bored. – Rick Reynolds


In my opinion if there was a heaven it sounds more like hell.

Like adam nowak said if heaven is supposed to be perfect, how would you describe perfect ? it means something else to me to you or the next person.


In the christian concept of heaven it is a place where the faithful worship their narcissistic deity day and night for eternity, singing Hosanna all day, and all night long.


To the Jews, heaven was on earth, and everything it provided belonged to god.


To me, heaven is in my own mind--and I am in control.

Couldn't have said it better, Cathy.  Once I finally got rid of religion (my "mental enema" as I like to say) I felt for the first time to be in total control of my mind.  Freedom to think is heavenly.

Heaven is all in the mind.  Actually, the christian conception of it happened in the minds of the Zoroastrians.  Muslims and Christians both take their eschatological views from them, which makes them closer to Zoroastrianism than Judaism.  In fact, the Jews believed heaven was on earth, and everything the earth provided belonged to god.'s all you want it to be.....because it is all in your imagination anyway.


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