I am SO appalled and scared to see where this nation is headed. What are we going to do as us women watch all the progress we have made go down the tubes??

The abortion law in Ohio is truly scary, and a precursor of what is to come. Women will no longer have the right to choose, they won't be able to afford birth control, and viagra will still be free....


I'm SO mad, and SO hurt.....and SO scared, and I just want OUT of this fucking dumbass country.

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I agree Dr. Bob. I talked to a number of women who were voting for him. I could not for the life of me understand their logic. I guess it's the same reason women fall into abusive relationships. We have learned to tolerate abuse and misogyny and accept it as the norm that there is now this logic that after what Bill Clinton did, that "boys will be boys."...bullshit

I speculate that their religious indoctrination predisposes women to be receptive to authoritarian orange assholes. I would wager that atheistic women are repelled by him. In fact it is nearly a sure thing that Trump did poorly with women who are atheists.

What’s wrong with you Belle?  Don’t you know that “Ahmaurica” is the “greatest country in the history of the world”?   Ten good reasons:  

1) We blithely kill more people with guns than the rest of the world combined. 

2) We put more people in prison than any other country, including China with its more than a billion inhabitants.

3) We rank near the bottom amongst all developed countries in education.

4) We rank near the top in rates of unwanted pregnancy, venereal diseases, poverty, crime, racism, etc.

5) We have started (for no good reason) more wars (96) than any country in history.

6) We are steadily dismantling the middle class and replacing it with a banana republic.

7) We just elected the most vile, despicable, petty, incompetent, racist, uneducated, ignorant, venal, narcissistic, megalomaniacal,  pussygrabbing con man/criminal in American history to be our dear leader.

8) Our so-called “democracy” is illusory; the country is owned and operated for the exclusive use of the top 1% of billionaires.

9) Virtually all of the people selected to be part of the next administration are either fascists or idiots.

10) And if you’re only worried about women’s issues, how about the planned destruction of the social safety net: social security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps, child care, decent wages, and anything else that seeks to fulfill the Constitutional promise to “promote the general welfare” are all on the G.O.P.'s chopping block over the next four years.

Why in the world would you want to leave? 

And it's the most religious and least secular nation in the developed world (by far). That is no coincidence.


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