It has to be more than simply making something new and unique. That's a definition, but it's not how we usually use the word. Typically, when we say someone is creative, there's some sort of value judgment involved. 

Can a chimp or computer be creative and create a masterpiece? or is that something only a human can do?

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Congo the chimp does paintings that sell for big bananas. Y'all may wanna rethink your bad sefs.

Jake, now that I know you're almost never serious, I'll take these last two posts in that spirit.

Unseen, I do mess around some, but am being serious that creativity is not limited to humans.Here is another link of the actual artwork by Congo the chimp. And you will observe that an art critic has heralded the work as "beautiful and moving". I like it as well as any Jackson Pollock.

I am of the opinion that the gap between us and them is not as great as is generally believed. Lets see. Chimps are roughly at the level of the supporters of Trump. Sorry chimps but y'all need to step up your game. Now look at the artwork. You tell me.

Oh great, Uri Geller..(the biggest lying piece of shit ever) endorses "chimp art" and even tried to capitalize on it. I can duct-tape a paint brush to a tree branch on a breezy day and generate an abstract masterpiece as well.

Ok, I  actually do think a chimp is capable of artistic expression, creativity and problem solving. It's all very rudimentary in comparison to humans, of course.. They went down a different (more physical) evolutionary path, but who's to say they will not change paths at some point, if they survive us (and I doubt they will.)

The animal that impresses many the most is the common crow. And it is a lot more difficult to fall into the anthropomorphism trap, since they aren't even mammals. I have viewed tests where crows use objects to displace water...

Their visual memory and communication ability is amazing...they work together, and even hold funerals.

People generally hated crows because during plagues they ate the eyes of the human dead before they could even be buried.

One characteristic of art, good or bad, is that the "artist" is aware of being an "artist" and of creating "art." Interesting patterns created by a chimp or computer are just that: interesting patterns. If a chimp farts around and creates something interesting, I can take my camera with me and find interesting things to photograph. So sheer randomness creates "art," too?

I hope you are messing around. Not sure. But that is art. It is intentional and is derived of an innate sense of the aesthetic.

Conceiving the behavior of all non-humans as being random, devoid of intention,  is quintessential christian nonsense.

I think it's the ability to create something novel from something old. In different beings there are different kinds and magnitudes of creativity, so since creativity is usually used comparatively, its meaning depends also on context.

Obviously, God and Satan are creative, as are the humans who invented them.

Can a chimp or computer be creative and create a masterpiece? or is that something only a human can do?

That must depend on how one human defines masterpiece.


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