I am under the impression that a time will come when the human species shall no longer rule this planet, be it from us following the ways of the dinosaurs or the forces of nature becoming overwhelming for our existance.

Now between now and then is there an ideal system that may ensure that the resources are distributed equally, knowledge is dispersed indiscriminately , human life( and animals and fauna, for that matter) span is prolonged (not only for those who are in countries that are more scientifically progressed). What are your take on capitalism, has it failed or has it been abused? Do humans have a better system? Or is this the beginning of the end of the great Homo Sapiens? Should we just embrace what we have and enjoy this life knowing that in a few generations after us there shall be no human life in this planet?

To those who are in the field of science: Is there any hope of human survival even after some great nature disasters that are emminent in the future?

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I am not a scientist but the information on the Science Channel give one an idea of how we as human being have survived a number of natural disasters. For example some of the ice ages that have covered a good portion of the planet.There are still possibilities of disasters like the dinosaurs suffered and small rodents like creatures survived.  I am optimistic that if the total earth is not destroyed human will survive.

I think as long as their are people who are looking for ways for human being to continue to live ways will be found to come up with a system where we all will survive.  The capitalism system came out of another system where people realized the old system was not working.


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