I am under the impression that a time will come when the human species shall no longer rule this planet, be it from us following the ways of the dinosaurs or the forces of nature becoming overwhelming for our existance.

Now between now and then is there an ideal system that may ensure that the resources are distributed equally, knowledge is dispersed indiscriminately , human life( and animals and fauna, for that matter) span is prolonged (not only for those who are in countries that are more scientifically progressed). What are your take on capitalism, has it failed or has it been abused? Do humans have a better system? Or is this the beginning of the end of the great Homo Sapiens? Should we just embrace what we have and enjoy this life knowing that in a few generations after us there shall be no human life in this planet?

To those who are in the field of science: Is there any hope of human survival even after some great nature disasters that are emminent in the future?

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We should enjoy life to it's fullest and work to make the world better for future generations. Capitalism is a two sided coin. The marriage of capitalism and science got us to the moon 66 years after the Wright brothers' first flight. In the last couple hundred years, life expectancy has doubled. Because of capitalism, we all have access to the accumulated knowledge of our species in our pockets.

Capitalism unchecked is also a monster. Wealth inequality, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources should definitely be concerns. It's supposed to be the government's job to set policy and regulate those things. They don't.

The problem is money in politics. The politicians don't work for us. They work for the corporations. Do some Googling and you'll find that in almost every election the candidate with the most money wins. This is the problem.

I don't know what the ideal system would be, but our system would be much better if we got the money out of politics. Imagine a government that actually worked for the people instead of the corporations.

P.S. Calm down. The world isn't coming to an end. I mean, climate change is happening and it's bad but it doesn't mean the extinction of the human species in just a few generations.

Thanks Thomas, esp with the Post Script (LOL)

I don't think the problem is capitalism, socialism, communism, monarchy, or tribalism. People are the real problem. With our animal nature, our desire to be dominant, to secure the best mates, and have the best shelter and plenty of food. To pass our genes along to the future. This isn't a corruption of Nature. This IS Nature!

I couldn't agree more.  What pushes our species to dominance over all others, and each other, is also the biggest threat to our own survival in the long run. 

We have become too big for our britches.

Cynicism gets us nowhere, however.

Yes, money in politics corrupts elections. And then politicians stack the supreme courts with partisan judges, hence "corporations are people, too". What capitalism needs now is unpartisan, intelligent tweaking, including more transparent (i.e. less obscure) accounting practices in our "corporations too big to fail".

Meanwhile, I'm afraid the so-called "99%" just aren't smart enough to prioritize such issues effectively, and elect the right candidates.

I think we've seen a lot of good, and bad, points about each system of government.  I think an ideal government would always allow for certain aspects of capitalism but also require several essential elements of socialism.  I envision some sort of meritocracy/technocracy which still had a democratic system within various disciplines.

@Heather. A Free Market System? Where a Socialist/ Capitalist system rules?

I trust no one will be too surprised when object tracking astronomers delivery the dreary news that we have an impending rendezvous with a rock the size of Dallas. If we can't/don't get our collective shite together in the interim to thwart such an incident then worries over rampant capitalism and environmental pollution will become unnecessary. There is one or more out there with our name on it we just don't have our finger on it yet.  8^ (

I agree with that long view, but meanwhile I think maybe we need a hundred or a few hundred years to make our economies and societies healthy enough to take on such larger projects. Not just for asteroid defense, but also energy production and use that doesn't cook the planet, maybe siphon off energy from under Yellowstone before it belches into a nuclear winter, a defense strategy for the next time earth's poles shift, preventing microbial pandemics, and so on.

I would like to see a move towards Atheistic Anarchy as a form of government. There are too few people making the decisions that affect the world. Not just politicians, democratic or autocratic, but also the boards of multi-national companies. Also, not content with the power they already have, these powerful individuals and groups get involved in underhanded, covert or at times illegal activity.

We are moving in the direction of more power to ordinary people, with the power of the internet and social media. Plus on-line petitions and text campaigns are being used to great effect by organisations like Amnesty Int. 

Power to the people!


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