I know there are more atheists who play an instrument!

I personally play the piano, drums, ukulele and I'm new to the violin.

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Bass and Mandolin

Guitar, and a little piano accordion. Oh and I can tap things in time so a bit of percussion. Oh and I sing . . . I guess thats an instrument right? I used to play piano. It was my main instrument when I was growing up. My parents would never let me have a guitar cause it would distract me from my piano lessons but many years later . . .

Oh and I play a little tenor guitar, in fact I have more instruments than I actually play, one day I'll photograph them all!
That's cool man, definitely get some pics up. Love seeing good new instruments haha.

I play the piano; I love that instrument!

I play drums, shit like winds of plague, in flames, suffokate, shit with out too much blast beats
hey guys

i play Bass, Violin and Viola
Hey hey....I play lots of instruments but Guitar would be my instrument of choice. I own 3 guitars, 2 banjos, a Uke, accordian, Digital Piano, Djembe, Violin, 4 or 5 harmonica's ....I can play them all but am a master of none..
I play the guitar, piano, drums, bass, a little mandolin. The guitar would be my main instrument and I just tinker on the others. I write songs and sing. I front a band and although I don't write stuff that is blatantly atheistic, it still comes out in the music.
I play the guitar, didgeridoo, and a little bit of harmonica

I'm also a sorcerer at whistling...
I play guitar, bass and I'm trying to teach myself keyboard.
Guitar (electric and acoustic) plus some bass and piano.

These are my horns...the Clarinet has to go, though - left it for a year (after selling it, tough times), then we got together again, but the relationship wasn't the same: "Klari, sorry, it's not you, it's me; I've been dating other instruments, and this between us is not working anymore"


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