Scenario:  You're in a commited relationship and your partner says that s/he still loves you and still wants to be with you, but can no longer repress the desire to undergo a sex change operation.  Is it morally permissible for you to decide to leave the relationship if s/he proceeds with the sex change?


I don't believe it's morally permissible.

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In my case it would never happen. However, if one's partner wanted a sex change, there is the chance that his whole outlook has changed too, and he probably wouldn't want the same wife anymore anyway. But if my partner did want one, I would have no problem with it whatsoever because I love him as a person, not just a man, and sex would not be an issue for us. It's about companionship and love.
I was with a woman who is now a man. We're still friends and we still dated on and off, but his personality was the deal breaker; It wasn't his gender, it was the person behind the genitals. I got over the whole, "what does this make me?" crap. He had his identity to process so I had to look in the mirror and wonder what I wanted from him. Most people would stay or go, and that's their right to chose. Plus, that transgendered person will also go through so desire changes too and I could've been kicked to the curb anyway.

This is an interesting issue and actually one that I find myself in right now. I have come out to my partner as being transgendered and it was so difficult for each of us that evening that when asked if I wanted to change physically to become the woman that I am inside I said that I don't know. I said this for two reasons, 1) we both had about as much as we could for one evening and 2) because at the time I wasn't sure. I have undergone some hormone treatment and she is aware of that but we still have not broached the subject of sex change.

I understand that it really should be my responsibility to bring this back up as it is me that is changing the equation that we both entered into but, it is definately not easy. Fear is a major factor. I have seen it mentioned thatneither should stay if the relationship changes and one or the other is unhappy or uncomfortable with the situation and I agree with it. That's what scares me as I love my partner deeply.


I don't believe that there is a moral obligation to stay in a relationship when one of the most basic aspects of it is changed 180 degrees but also feel that there is more to love than ones gender.  "A nice deilema we have her that calls for all our whit".

I think it definitely would be permissible. We don't choose what we are attracted to, so if a significant other would rather have  a sex change, which makes them stop being attractive to you, then you are perfectly justified in ending a romantic or sexual relationship.


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