Yestdrday my husband saw a caravan of four trucks all painted up with their doomsday message from advertising that the end of the world will be on May 21st 20011.  They were driving around town, all four of them together, I imagine, to draw the most attention as a spectacle.

We have seen them discussed here on TA in video and blog posts.  However, after seeing them in our town, it provoked a discussion in which we wondered.... how would people respond if this was an Islamic sponsored caravan?  Wouldn't they have been stopped in thier tracks?  Are the police and FBI keeping a tally on these folks, especially now that they are coming closer to their rapture date?

They seem awfully committed to their cause.  Is it possible they will try to help it along?

Any thought?

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There are Jewish and Muslim end of the worlders as well - it must have something to do with having a common old fashioned God.  You are right though - can you imagine an Islamic group predicting the end of the world marching down Broadway for example?


I image that they would be halted on some safety issue if they were part of some Muslim caravan: insighting fear in the public or something along those lines.  People would be terrified that the trucks were loaded with explosives or filled with a Muslim militia.   But since they are Christians.... they get a pass. 


I checked out their website and they use the same line of reasoning as the Westboro Baptist Church folks, saying that it is their duty to warn people of God's impending wrath.  Very helpful, don't you think?

You can't help but wonder what if they were Islamic, terrible isn't it? Such a big stink is made when anyone challenges the christian religion, but every other one is open game? Also how did they come up with May 21? And should I be getting my affairs in order? Anyway, religion, any religion is full of hypocrites.
It wouldn't be any more crazy and stupid as it already is if it were Muslims. It makes me sad to think that people consider christian end of the worlders are any less insane than doomsayers of any other religion simply because they are christians. There is no difference between these people and the new agers that think Quetzalcoatl is returing in 2012, or any other kool-aid drinking cult. I respect everyone's right to believe whatever the fuck they want about anything, but sometimes the beliefs themselves are deserving of nothing more than relentless mockery. Like the Flat Earth Society: the earth is round and it orbits the sun. Thats reality. It is not open for debate. Sorry, I went off on quite a large tangent there didn't I :o
The end of the world prohecies the most dangerous to human civilization comes from Islam!!!! Particularly Shiite Islam and the return of the Hidden Imam! Why?? Because this messianic regime in Iran is trying to acquire a nuclear bomb and if they do, they will use it on Israel as it is their duty to acquire Jerusalem and to usher in the end of the world and kill all non-believers or non-Muslims who don't convert!!! This is no joke, this is what the messianic regime in Iran believes: the preparation and return of the "Hidden Imam". This is why the regime in Iran is such a threat not only to the Iranian people (as they are oppressing and killing innocent Iranians) but are a threat to world peace!! They don't care how many Iranians die or how many people die, they embrace this ideology. Don't just take my word for it, watch the video produced by the regime themselves:

Yes well I am a bit skeptical about that Reza Khalili guy. Seems to me much like an Iranian Khidhir Hamza who also wrote a book, revealing how important he was and how he could know the things he knew and why war was the only option and urgent.  Except it turned out he wasn't and he didn't and it wasn't.

But eschatological thinking is pretty universal, whether religious or secular (think 2012 nonsense) It has pretty much always been part of the way in which people saw the world as necessarily having to exist as being analogous to the birth, life and death of human existence; with a clear beginning, a duration of existence, and a clear end. Strongly promoted medieval way of thinking. The strength of religious eschatology is that they posit an extra reality, one that ends and one that doesn't. (Maybe so that they can be wrong in both worlds.)

End timers, no matter the particulars of their nonsense, are boring at best, but sadly most often just plain annoying. They can be dangerous too, mostly for themselves, but rarely to others I think.

The video is not produced by Reza Kahlili but rather obtained through his sources from the Revolutionary Guards. It would be better you watched the actual video (it has English translations) before you commented on the regime's ideology. It is a video produced and manufactured as a propaganda piece by the Islamic Republic regime.  And the Iranian regime is dangerous not only to the Iranian people but to the international community; as if you watched the video you would see, they would need to capture Jerusalem before the return of "Mahdi" or the "hidden imam" and then in their dreams and fantasies they will kill all non-believers who refuse to convert to Islam. This is very much the mindset of radical twelver Shiites who have occupied the once great nation of Iran
No, They have no thoughts on this. They 'gave their brain to Jesus' - a rather meager gift, but then Jesus is pretty meager,too.


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