Would Christianity be any different?

If so, then how would it be different?

Would the way people viewed it be any different?

And are all of the Prophets in Christianity and other religions men or are there some women as well?

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As with wars and legalised State murder through their Armed Forces it would be nice to think that things would be very different if the figurehead was a woman. A few years ago in the UK we had Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister and things were probably worse than a male PM. Thus, it would be nice to think things would be better but probably just the same or worse.

You're right. Take any mainstream religion such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, ... and all the leaders are men. It reflects the inherent sexism of these beliefs. Take Christianity for example. They burned an upperbound estimate of 5million women in the 300 year period of witch burning. Even today in the 21st century, some 2,000 years after their mumbo jumbo faith was founded they are still fighting women priests. All 12 disciples were men. All Popes have been men. All bishops and priests within the Vatican are men. etc, etc. etc.

Although nations have legislation to prevent racism and sexism these Dark ages Lot still believe they are outside the law.


How any woman can believe in religion after hundreds of years of persecution beggars belief.


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