I have noticed that Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris both cite 9/11 as the fuel to the fire of their current passion for atheism. I also often cite this as one of the biggest seeds of my frustrations with religion.


I wondered if anyone else had a big turning point that either largely help you realize that there is not a god or gods, or made you more "militant".

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Despite a religious father, I never went to church after the age of 6, when I was 13 I was sent to a religious boarding school. That backfired for him as well, I found it more and more a steaming pile of crap, then in gr.12 I got this ex coldstream guard as a teacher, he was more teacher than religious, he got the gears turning and I probably ended up more agnostic than anything. I never really paid any attention after that, just lead my life, had 3 kids etc. Fast forward 30 years, and during my mothers death watch ( 4 weeks or so), she admitted to me that it was her that convinced my Dad to leave us out of religion. She convinced him it was up to us to decide when we became of age. She   gave me a copy of Hitchen's "God is Not Great." DUring a flight home during those 4 weeks I was reading this in the Vancouver airport when a cop came and asked very politely if I could put the porn away. I must have looked real confused, I looked around and all I had was this book, my carry-on and a coffee cup. So he wandered off and spoke to some old BAG on the other side of the waiting area. When he returned he said he was mistaken, it was offensive materials, and he pointed to the book. I stupidly put the book in my carry-on bag and fumed for weeks, both about the bitty and my being so compliant. I am now getting to be  much more of a atheist activist.

Wow choSenfroZen...what a scary story.  The Vancouver airport...cop...the police`s propensity to over-react there.


Me, I told the minister in confirmation class I thought I was agnostic (didn`t really know what it meant at the time), but went through all the crap anyway.  Got married in a church (tiny museum building), went now and then until I realized I didn`t need to...I was an adult. 


I`d say it`s like removing a coal from a fire..the heat dies out and it doesn`t get consumed (saved in other words). 


Deepak Chopra is coming to a city near me.  I will be staying far away from the woo fest.  As if regular religion isn`t enough to keep away from.



I now have bumper stickers all over my car, the wife even let me put 1 on her truck. They have caused all sorts of conversations. Lots of support but, boy oh boy, some cause the christians to wail like monkeys. Leaving atheist books at work seems to have caused a fuss occasionally, and even better once  when aggressivly approached and  the books were not mine.


Whenever I travel I carry those warning stickers for bibles, and I glue them to as many hotel bibles as possible (the maids cart usually has a bunch)

Yeah that's pretty shameful from the Vancouver police! It's what's happening in Western Canada, this end of the country is high on "non religious affiliation", but those folks who are religious are the most moralists bunch of stuck ups I've ever met! Maybe we should all just start walking around with the book in our hands just on principal :)


Airports are not efficient timing to take a stand :(

TAA, we are fairly lucky here, Yukon is a pretty goddless place, and the churches seem to fade away.  But I have had a lot of heated conversations about my stickers, the extra foods parking lot just this afternoon on my to my evening shift, a middle aged man yelled "so there's no god eh" and gave me the finger.

I really feel for those in the bible belt.


Ya my Hongcouver airport thing was 2 days after they taser that poor fellow.

I was raised as a christian due to my parents, and I was very passionate for some time. It was all brainwashing really, I was agnostic for probably 5 years just because I didn't want to dissapoint my folks. But I met this buddy of mine who showed me all kinds of stuff a few months back. Penn and Teller: bullshit, random documentaries, and just the stuff he picked up from Harris and Dawkins. It gave me the courage to accept that I do not believe in that crap any more.

I am very militant already I start conversations all the time, I really like to look up articles. I LOVE showing christians all the terrible stuff that they ignore in the bible. I am in the middle of the God Delusion and am so excited to finish it. I feel so free now that i'm and athiest. I see more and more now how the church and other religions control so much of our country and it sickens me.

I've always been a timid atheist (admitting to believing in god under peer pressure) when I was younger. Once I entered college though, I met some atheist people in person, and thus my courage got a nice boost.
I think the main thing that sparked my atheism is the fact that I am alive and doing well. This sounds weird but when you look at many christians, they can't live without god. I am without god and I am doing just as well as they are.
I have also taken a couple philosophy classes while at my university which dealt specifically on christianity. Not only did I learn about some of the historical arguments made for and against christianity, but the class also opened my mind to other things (such as: What is so great about the jesus's death? what is so great about an omnipotent being sacrificing ~160 lbs of flesh and bones when he can create billions of them with a snap of a finger? jesus is his only son BECAUSE god was too lazy to split himself up more and have more "children". There is nothing special about this event.)


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