We all know when you have conversations with theists there always gets to a point where the theist becomes 'offended' by something you say or by simply questioning their deeply held beliefs.  They then mumble something about 'atheism being *insert derogatory term here*', and end the conversation.  


Inside Religion itself is this perverse and twisted ideology that the belief cannot be criticized or scrutinized ... which is usually equal to denouncing God herself.  


So my point is I love this website because we all call each other out on anything and everything if we think the person is saying something ignorant or irrational or just plain idiotic.  


I for one enjoy posting controversial things and testing my own understanding of the world in light of other rational thinkers.  Because lets face it.  Thinking is fun!  Examining your own beliefs is exciting!  You sometimes develop a new outlook on life and that is priceless.


Atheists are generally much more honest and rational about their own personal beliefs because we like to think that what we believe is justified and true.  


So thanks again Morgan Matthew for a terrific site!  

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thanks for the post , that 's what im thinking of too . i enjoy reading posts and discussions here , full of knowelge and information . sometimes i stay here untill i fall a sleep . just for the record u are very active , i always read your replays and i learn a lot from u and others active member here . thank you.
Bravo, Dustin! I couldn't agree more!
I love T|A because every time I sign in, I find good humans


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