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Upon the cessation of biological function , the organic computer we call the brain , likewise ceases to function , and begins to decompose . All of our thoughts , memories and knowledge ceases to exist , everything we call self disappears .

so what happens to our soul?

The soul is a religious myth created by humans . Everything we are exists in the 3 pound mass of nervous tissue we call the brain .

What makes you imagine souls exist?

We cannot confirm definitively that we have a soul. But even more importantly there is no evidence even to purport the hypothesis. Saying that "something" happens to our soul when we die is akin to saying "something" happens to fairies when I clap my hands three times. Before I can assert something about the nature of fairies I must first provide evidence for the existence of fairies. You can't go asking what happens to our soul before you have evidence for the existence of a soul. Of course you could speculate but that's all it would be. 

Mercedes, I presume you mean 'soul' in the tiresome religious sense which means 'the immortal essence of a person which survives the death of the body'.

Your question is based on an assumption that souls exist. So back up a bit. Realize that you are making a claim: we have souls.

First back up that claim. Provide evidence that souls exist. Then we can talk about what happens to them after we die.


So what'll it be, folks? I'm going to predict Mercedes will use a classic burden of proof fallacy. ("Prove we DON'T have souls!")

"Because The Bible tells me so."


What's a soul? and what makes you think we have one?

Pretty much what Ray says. We cease to be and the atoms of which we were made get recycled into something else.

how could the soul be created by us? we have a conscience and feelings.

The soul is what the superstitious or unlettered call the conscious self . This is an emergent product of billions of neurons , their three dimensional architecture , their connectivity , their moment to moment electrical firings and chemical exchanges . We are made of a complex arrangement of simple stuff.
There is no magic required . Physics and chemistry are more than up to the task .



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