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Consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain. It can't exist apart from the brain; the brain causes it. If you are referring to the conscience in the sense of guilt over doing supposedly bad things, that is instilled by our family and society, is it not? Feelings? They just are part of our natural responses to events in our life. No brain, no feelings. 

I think our soul is that part of us we cannot touch. It exists. It's there, we all feel it. But we don't exactly know how to describe it. I always say the eyes are the window to the soul. It's true. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their face.

Evidence is required for such a claim. The reason we can recognize certain things about people when we look at their faces , is because evolution , through the process of natural selection , has selected for that trait . It helped our ancestors better identify friend from foe quickly , enabling the trait to be passed on . Do not mistake an evolutionary adaptation , with a naturalistic , rational expiation , for irrational evidence of the existence of a supernatural force .

It's there, we all feel it.

My guess is that what you are calling the soul is just a person's personality, or even more simply, their mind. If you want to get poetic about it, you could call it someone's "essence" or their "soul" if you want to—but not in a literal sense. The difference is that you seem to think that this soul literally exists as a thing distinct from the brain and the rest of the physical body. Most of us atheists do not. The mind is a product of the human brain. All scientific evidence points to this conclusion, even though exactly how it does that is still something of a mystery.

My question to you would be: what is the difference between the mind and the soul? Earlier you suggested that our conscience and our feelings are evidence of the soul, but all of that is just our mind, isn't it? The mind isn't just the thinking/contemplating/calculating part of us, it's our feelings and intuitions, too—both conscious and subconscious—and the sum total of these things make up our unique personality. The entire field of psychology is founded upon this simple truth. I'm not sure what else you think there is to a person that could be called a literal soul.

Do not fear death, when you are dead, you won't know it!

I'm building a giant concrete pyramid behind my house. Just can't find good mummification technicians here in the bible belt.

Freeze drying is probably quicker , and less messy , plus you won't need all those canopic jars to store your organs ;)

Thanks Roger. 20-30 years from now...this will be my family inside my pyramid. Not cheap, but eternity never is...

bwa hah ahahahaha  windows to the soul.  Yes, you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their face and into their eyes, but not because it's magical.  Over the span of your life its just another form of language that you learn and record in your brain.  You can also tell a lot about a person by they shoes..where they goin..where they been..I bet if I think hard enough I can remember my first pair of shoes...Momma said they was my magic shoooess...Momma said they would take me anywhere!

Uhm, we die - how old are you?

so you guys don't think we have any kind of espiritual side that passes one after we die? How do you explain ghosts or hauntings, or things like that?

I'm 25 Heather

I explain ghosts/hauntings as superstitious narratives believed by people well under 25.


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