So this forum post about guns got me thinking. What do you think will happen when another 9-11 happens in America? 

Me personally, SOPA/PIPA/ACTA will automatically pass. The internet will be a whole different landscape all in the name of, "National Security". 

I think this will make for an interesting discussion because it is talked about so little. 

So post your thoughts!


Keep this in mind before your post. Do we sacrifice our liberty in name of security? Also, will the people ever stand up for the ever apparent abuse of our liberty? Me personally, I am still on the fence. They seem to take, take, take, and never give back the powers given to them. Just like Star Wars*. 



You know what has always bothered me? The word "HOMELAND" security. When did we become the "Homeland"? 

/end rant

*Yes I am a SW fan and yes Jar Jar can melt in hell. 

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All of this assuming 9/11 was in fact some sort of inside job aimed at steering future laws into certain directions.

I don't know. I like to think the above was not the case. Any time something big happens, whether it be 9/11 or the death of a celebrity, conspiracy theorists feel the need to run wild with things, often taking little hints at little possibilities (!) and doing what they can to persuade anyone that will listen that they were facts. Ya know, both Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain were murdered. lol

I don't know...anything is possible.

No.  Consider the question assuming none of this assuming 9/11 was an inside job.  Assume simply, that people in power and citizens across the country have been terrified into sacrificing liberty for a sense of security.  There is no "conspiracy" behind the anti-liberty/pro-security legislation churned out by Congress over the last decade or the expansion of the executive branch.  If you need to have an evil twist to this tale, beyond our tragic loss of civil liberties, I suppose you could say that there are some opportunistic people behind these changes.  It's just as likely there are a lot of ignorant, fearful, corrupt officials doing what they think it best (be it for them or for the nation).

Yeah there are some that no matter if you showed them all the evidence in the world that the U.S government is not this all powerful, all knowing , super effective group that was behind 9/11 will never be reasoned with. If people really paid attention to how the government works they'd be surprised that anything gets done at all.

While I believe there is great potential for abuse of power during times of trial I also will not discount the American public's push back against somethings. All it takes is the right event to bring attention to things that should be questioned and the public while being known for often being oblivious can bring a lot of pressure that can't be ignored. While I rightly worry about what is done in the name of security I also have great hope.

Also...these sort of things interest me, but I try and not follow them too closely for one simple reason. Americans love guns in the same way we love drugs. Laws aren't going to stop us from obtaining them.

Any power given to the government should be (but often isn't) designed to guard against when (not if, when) it will be abused. This is also why government should only be granted relatively specific powers and not wide-ranging, vaguely defined powers.

And they used Homeland because 'Motherland' was being used by Russia and 'Fatherland' is still in disrepute after WW II.

Well if another 9/11 type style attack happened there would be a very severe reaction in the United States among the population that I believe would be much more severe then after 9/11. If there was evidence of any nation state supporting such an attack with any means there would be a massive call for action. I think that the isolastionism streak among many in the United States would go away over night. It would be a mistake to assume that U.S wouldn't put to use the lessons it's learned in it's recent conflicts. I think those conflicts would greatly shape what the U.S did because whether people realize it or not the U.S military has learned much often the hard way in recent years about modern combat and there is an experienced group at the core of its military.

I believe that would be 1822.

The horror.

If you sacrifice liberty for security, no matter what you lose both. One things for sure though, we'll all be Americans! The only time "we're all Americans" is when something tragic happens. We can only be unified when shitty things happen apparently.


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