What happens if a religion decides to operate under a single ideal and makes it their sacred journey to convert or kill all others?

What happens if some major event happens and one religion unifies and makes it their mission to convert all others? Millions, possibly billions of supremely motivated religious zealots fighting a war against everyone at all times. People of said faith everywhere see it as their sacred duty to go into the street and kill or convert at least one person. I'm talking about constant random attacks. Every day there would be thousands of attacks world wide. Millions of would be attackers lying in wait. Their methods would be vast; bombings, arson, shootings, runaway vehicles and airplanes. Will profiling be allowed? How would we combat it? How could we stop it? Could we stop it?

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We must never allow this to happen. This is why the war on terror is so vital - we are fighting people who want to enable this very exact thing upon the rest of the world.

Just let it happen, the religion will split over minor issues afterwards which leads to the same situation as it is now!

Exterminate them. Remove the blight from the planet. I would hold no sympathy for the religion or the religious.

It's a guerrilla movement though. You wouldn't know when or whom would strike.

Never happen in the western world at least.


Nothing motivates the apathetic middle of the road more then direct violent uprising.

Is this a new idea for some novel disasterporn from Hollywood or something, maybe gotten the idea while hopelessly fighting off a soaked pillow during an indigestion induced insomnia?

No but I was pretty baked when I thought of it. lmao

I think the hardest parts would be to get two or more religions to combine. How could they swirl two contradicting myths together? Even religions based on similar if not the same "holy" books can't seem to agree on what it says about anything.

That being said, there is some insane woo on the market and people buy it in "Costco Industrial Size" amounts. 

I didn't mean two religions combining. I meant one religion (one of the big ones) unifying under one crazy violent motto and seeing it through.

Isn't that exactly what happened during the Crusades? I'd like to avoid a repeat please.

If that happens then Christianity and Islam will have something in common! What might happen is that each religious group will come together, so you will have the Christian Crusaders, the Muslim Bombers, the Atheist Rationalists, the Jewish Betrayers, and so on....sorry, I didn't mean to offended anyone I was just poking fun, but really I think that they will come together within their own people and it will be battles between religious groups.

I highly doubt it could be stopped without lethal force. Well, wait until they're on your property, then if they attack you, you are within all rights to DEFEND YOURSELF.



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