I remember the beginnings of my path to disbelief being something along the lines of this question.  Growing up in a suburban neighborhood of reformed Jews and casual Christians, I noticed that while everyone seemed pretty solid regarding which flag they flew, no one really was gung-ho about the beliefs bit.  Holidays and traditions were about 80% of what I felt religion to be about, and the remainder was a mix of bible story telling and thinking about God and their beliefs.


What do you all think believers really feel about the God question? Are we really the oddballs, as fox news might try to suggest, or just the ones who felt like fessing up?

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If you take the bible as an example "most sold, least read book" , that says a lot about believers. I find most xians don't know anything about what is in the bible, or how it got there. They have no idea why they believe what they believe and because of that many don't want to talk about something they very little about.


Good question Sam.


I would venture to guess many people really do not know what they believe and would tread on the definition of agnostic. They stay within their religion because it's the acceptable thing to do and much harder to break out. Or the community is comfortable. But if you really ask them what is god, I would think the definition would be varied especially within the jewish community. I agree with Jim in terms of their general knowledge of the bible being minimal. Most believers are sheep. I prefer to be a goat.


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