What does Belgium have that the United States does not?

It has 16th place in a list of best-educated countries. The United States is in 17th place. Here is the list starting with Finland, the best-educated country in the world:

South Korea
Hong Kong
New Zealand

So, my question for you is why can't the richest country in the world come in ahead of Belgium, Poland, and Canada?

One man thinks he knows...

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant suggested on Tuesday that a decline in American education was precipitated by the mass entry of mothers into the work place.

Bryant's remarks, which came during a Washington Post event, immediately stirred controversy amid a recent broad discussion over women's roles as family "breadwinners."

At the Washington Post event, Bryant was asked why he thought the country's educational state had gotten "so mediocre."

"I'm going to get in trouble. You want me to tell the truth? You know, I think both parents started working," Bryant said. "The mom is in the work place."

According to the Post, Bryant immediately tried to clarify his remarks, saying that "both parents are so pressured" in modern family situations. (source)

Now, it's hard to talk about this subject without women getting their backs up because they know that a lot of people are happy to blame one more bad thing on the improvement of the lot of women over recent decades. I heard one female commentator say that Finland has an even higher proportion of families with two employed parents and yet they have a better educated populace than the United States. I wonder, however, how many Finlandish families have latchkey children? Perhaps Finnish children do not leave school for an empty home but instead have some sort of free childcare for the younger children and perhaps activities for the older children.

Anyway, on what do YOU blame the poor performance of American schools.

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I've been away from an algebra class for a long time but I think your formula needed some parentheses or something. My answer is "2," but I can see your answer as well.

Perhaps I'm one of those who's forgotten the order of operations. LOL

Here in Argentina the education system is so despair. Although we have several excellent public universities all around the country, there are so many kids out of school.
The government is giving notebooks to the poor children instead of doing something useful...

I don't know anything about that, I'm just here to try and answer the question, "What does Belgium have that the United States does not?" and hopefully win a chance at the crockpot.

My guess is, Belgian Waffles, but in Belgium, they just call them waffles.

What does Belgium have that america does not ?
1. An efficient, modern, comfortable passenger rail network.
2. An integrated public transport network.
3. Extensive national canal networks to move goods at minimal CO2 impact.
4. Well financed public health.
5. Affordable national healthcare.
6. Investment in children, 15 weeks 82% for 30 days, 75% thereafter maternity leave. 3 days, 100% by employer + 7 days, 82% paid out by health insurance fund.
7. In Belgium, everyone has a right to a State pension. This is guaranteed by the Belgian government €2,200 pm.
8. You can leave/ enter Belgium at road, cycle path, footpath, tram, bus, train without being scanned, groped, violated, recorded, threatened, having your iPad stolen by government goons.

Thats a few off the top of my head

Another person who didn't read beyond the subject line. ;)

It looks as if the subject line is the common denominator :)

Does that mean there's a common numerator?

Oh, I did, I just can't pass up a chance to mess with you, people would say I wasn't myself --

Ouch.  I always think it's a good idea for a country to invest in its own citizens, and not to cripple the majority of them with anxiety about healthcare and welfare just so that a few people at the top can grow rich.  It's a good idea not to also flood the country with guns.  That way, people have a chance of learning better at school.  Who knows?  Seems plausible. 

If one rates just the Americans of Northern European ancestry the results are about the same as any other northern European country. This has been shown over and over. The gov is doing nothing to hold down the rest. Decades of efforts to elevate the rest have failed to accomplish much.

The implication being what? ...that the rest are inferior in some way?

The data implies nothing. The data is the data. The lack of explanation does not change the data.


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