My friend and I were talking in class and we began to ponder what would everything be like after death.

He proposed this question: "Do you remember what it was like before you were born"

"Obviously not" I said

"That's what it is going to be like after death"

I have a theory that you are in a hazy, dream like state after you die.

What are your thoughts?

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I have a theory that many people are in a hazy, dreamlike state before they die. It is the result of religious belief - of living ones life and expecting to live for eternity after death.

After you die, you become a memory to those who knew you. Those who liked you will think of you favorably; those who didn't, unfavorably ( hence, heaven and hell ). When there is no-one left on earth to remember you, you cease to exist. My epitath will read  All ye who pass here speak my name that I might attain immortality.

to do that you need RELIGION! LOL

The world continues on as it had before I was alive. 

i believe you start to lose the ability to do certain cognitive functions as you would when your dieing. And then everything ceases thats the end.................................. game over

I agree with the person asking the question- based on everything we know, after we die there is almost certainly nothing- similar to before we were born


i would believe in some form of reincarnation before a true afterlife.  The reason being, the atoms of your body have to go some where.  but at the end of the day i'm expecting a sweet dmt trip before a big black lights out, which im looking forward to

Do you think every animal that's ever lived also exists in a hazy, dreamlike state? If no, what makes you or I so special? Just because we have consciousness and big brains, we don't "die" and cease to exist just like everything else? Where do our hazy consciousnesses exist? Did they exist before we were born?

Your theory opens up a metaphysical can of worms and has no more supporting evidence than God does. It also reeks of hubris, sorry to say.

I believe in a sort of reincarnation, based upon the law of conservation of energy. I believe 'I' live on only for the reason that I do not believe 'I' am this body, or this mind, but rather the electrical energy that passes through my synapses at any given point in time. Every person's brain has an individual pattern of neural connections, and I believe that as energy passes through a brain, that brain believes that it is me, when in fact I am just passing through it. So in essence I believe I am everything, and when this body dies I will experience the release of my consciousness from this mind's thoughts while my energy morphs into its next form. Just my opinion though, obviously cannot prove any of that.

For your energy theory to hold any water, you'd have to also believe in something that maintains its boundaries, feeds in more energy as energy is used up, and so on. That would be the function of the body in a living person. What do you think performs this function in the absence of the body?

Do I feel a reference to a "soul" coming on?

Your belief is of a religious nature, even if one can't ascribe it to one of the established religions.

Energy does not need "boundaries" to exist, energy is everything in the universe including matter (as Einstein showed with E=mc^2) and it exists in a constant amount. The energy in my body and will dissipate back into its countless other forms without being destroyed, that is the law of conservation of energy. The experiences and personal knowledge that is contained within the brain structure of this body will cease to exist when not being powered by energy, of course, but I know that 'I' am not this body or this mind due to the scientific fact that all the molecules in my body are constantly being replaced (including the ones that make up my neurons), and every 5-7 years I have an entirely new body. I realize that these beliefs are somewhat religious, but I do not believe them because I was told to; I came to these conclusions on my own based upon my scientific knowledge of the universe and a handful of psychedelic experiences (all natural), and I do not attempt to force them upon anyone as the beliefs would have no meaning without the underlying knowledge from whence they came

It need boundaries to of any use. If you want to use your laptop out in the park, all the energy in the universe is useless to you other than the energy captured and held (bound) in your laptop battery.

Or does your laptop work with unbounded energy?

A boundary of sorts exists that allows you to continue to exist despite the constant loss and replenishment of cells. Otherwise your energy would spill out of you and not be available to you.


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