My friend and I were talking in class and we began to ponder what would everything be like after death.

He proposed this question: "Do you remember what it was like before you were born"

"Obviously not" I said

"That's what it is going to be like after death"

I have a theory that you are in a hazy, dream like state after you die.

What are your thoughts?

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When you say energy needs boundaries "to be of any use" you imply that energy has a purpose. It is true that we use energy to suit our own purposes, but that is not the reason energy exists. The energy that we use in our bodies and our laptops has existed in this universe for 13.7 billion years before we were born; we have no idea why it exists or if it has any reason to exist other than existence itself. The biggest difference between our viewpoints is our definition of 'I'. I believe 'I' am all the energy of the universe, not at all bounded to this body, but this mind mistakenly believes that it is me when in fact there is only a minuscule part of me temporarily flowing through it; that is the folly of so-called "self-awareness"

If you have something to do (using a laptop or living your life) that requires capturing and holding onto energy, you need something to hold it in. A boundary. And this slobber about energy being around for so many billions of years, etc., is great but doesn't really confront my point at all.,

"I believe 'I' am all the energy in the universe" may be good poetry, but it's nonsense in almost any other way,.

I realize there are parts of my theory that cannot be explained, but must be experienced. I have stepped outside of my body and seen the world from an entirely novel perspective, and I would not expect anyone to understand what that means that has not had that experience. There are a great many things about the universe and ourselves that we do not scientifically understand yet, and while I know my theory may not be right, it is the best way I can reconcile what I have experienced with the scientific knowledge I do have. Agree to disagree I suppose

There is no mind without the brain. When my brain dies I as an individual with consciousness will cease to exist. Any genes that I've passed to offspring will continue to live on until that lineage dies out, my body will become parts of other things maybe one day the molecules in my body will become parts of other living things. I think the best anyone can do is be thankful for the life they have and work to improve life for those who exist now, those who will continue to exist after my death and for those who haven't yet been born.

well said!

Thank You :)

Once the brain stops functioning you will have no awareness of anything.  You will be dead.  No thoughts.  No memories. No pain. Nothing.  Blank.

Although you won't be EXPERIENCING blanknes or memory loss or absence of pain. It's hard to talk about death without inadvertanly implying there is something there and someone to experience it.

goodness, I've been trying to sum up exactly what I believe death is like. I could just never, for some reason, put it into words until now. Great.

nothing...when you die you die... in my opinion there is no reunion or redemption in some other place, you just cease to "be" is final and absolute.

I've often observed how some people are born into this world as if they are on a mission. Sometimes it seems like they rush to get something done or sometimes it's a particular type of work they do and they excel at it. On the contrary other people are born and they sort of mosey through life with no strong agenda. I often think of the people who begin to live at a very early age, sometimes 2 or 3 years old and are really focused on doing the thing they were born to do.  Many times the parents just look on and wonder where all this comes from in the child. Many of these people do what they have to do and die shortly there after. Other people are born with incredible talent. Piano and violin players who excel at the age of 4 or 5 or 6. People who graduate college by the age of 12. If there is nothing after life and nothing before life, where does this sense of urgency come from at such an early age. where does the talent come from. I believe there is something both before and after life but we are unconscious of it just as we are unconscious as we sleep or are in a coma. I think there is much more that we do not know then what we do know and trying to make a statement like "lights out" is very naive and I think we simply do not know. In the words of our pathetic ex-Secretary of Defense. "We simply do not know what we do not know".

Oh, I suppose that magical sorcerer who supposedly made the universe is to blame, isn't he?


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