My friend and I were talking in class and we began to ponder what would everything be like after death.

He proposed this question: "Do you remember what it was like before you were born"

"Obviously not" I said

"That's what it is going to be like after death"

I have a theory that you are in a hazy, dream like state after you die.

What are your thoughts?

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I think death more than likely just means "lights out". I believe that when the human brain dies, so does me as a person...just like a blown light bulb.

Hi Dave: Agreed. No life after death. Hence enjoy and prolong the life one lives in the here and now as much as possible.

When a light-bulb dies do you think it continues to radiate electromagnetic waves that are undetectable?

I was using a metaphor....

But sure, something goes on. I become grass fertilizer. Animals eat the grass. People eat the animals and yadda, yadda, yadda. If matter can not be created nor destroyed, the matter I'm made up of will hang around in various forms in the same way it always has (didn't Carl Sagan say something about how we're all made of "star stuff"). I don't think this really counts as me being alive, though.

I'd never say for sure that I don't continue to go on in some self aware fashion, I just don't think it's very likely.

I'm planning on a green burial so that my carcass can be re-absorbed and provide nourishment to the local flora and fauna.

None of this embalming crap. Too many toxic chemicals in the ground already.


I believe in life after death, just not for the dead people.
All evidence in biology states that everything that makes up 'you', your mind etc, is housed entirely in the brain. Once the neurons that make up the brain fail (ie die, lose the abilty to move/respond to charge) what makes up your mind is gone. I have no reason to believe that anything survives. If you cannot rememeber before your birth (when your brain was non-existant) then you cannot remember after your death (when the brain no longer functions and is destroyed). I process biochemical algorithms, therefore I am.

Correct, but not as snappy as the original Descarte ;-)

'You' exist only in your brain.  That is what we might call your personality, your habits, your knowledge, your experience

If you were to suffer a brain injury you would find that to a greater or lesser extent that your personality has changed.

If you were to consent to a portion of your brain being damaged on purpose, your personality would likely not be recognizable to the way you acted previously.

If you were to take a neurological-activity altering substance (alcohol, THC, amphetamine, etc) and take this substance on regular basis, again your personality would be altered (this is called addiction)

If the composite structure of neurons and other neural tissue that we call the 'brain' starves of oxygen, barring being revived with brain damage, you are gone.

I believe that after you die, there is nothing. Your brain activity ceases and your conscious simply ceases. While your lifeless body is still there and will eventually decay, everything that was 'you' will cease to exist. In my opinion, the question of what it was like before you were conceived is apt. My only 'afterlife' will be in the memories of those I left behind. Only in that figurative way was will I live on, but the internal 'me' will be long gone.

When I die I will cease to exist because my brain will decompose. I think thats pretty obvious. I have already warned my family to stay away from those parasitic bastards who claim to talk to the dead.
Well, I was born into this world. When I die, my adventure in this world stops, maybe we start another adventure in another world, not as who we were but as a whole new psyche and mind. That's my two cents, it happened here, could it happen elsewhere?


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