A friend of mine had a bumper sticker on her car that read "It is your Hell, You burn in it."


She had the bumper sticker on the car for 6 months.


She was fired from her job for 'religious harrassment'.


This was her personal car parked in a public lot near her work.  She didn't say this or anything else anti-religious in her workplace.  A co-worker saw her get out of the car and then complained to management.


I know you are going to say there is more to the story but she was a top employee at a phone company and was #1 in sales.  She had just won an award. 


She did wear a pentagram necklace to work but others wore crosses. 


Legal action was considered but she was too inexperienced at the time and too upset to bother.

Again what do you think?


What would you do? 

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At most jobs i've had, you get fired for something small.. and rarely for the reasons you officially get toss'd for.. Odd's are that someone didn't like her, and pushed and pushed the issue, and threatened to bring in lawyers and used the all important word, discrimination, and H.R. hand was forced.. I see it at my workplace too.. People screaming that word cause they're too old, fat, man, women, ect and we can't fire them for bad performance and general incompetence.. I would tell her to consult a lawyer, explore her options
I think that her being fired was unfair and if she had pursued legal action she probably would have had a case. I would have been pissed too. I also don't think that a bumper sticker on a private car should count as harassment... if that were the case then I could claim that people with christian bumper stickers on their cars are harassment toward me as an atheist.

What would I do? I'd probably do exactly what your friend did because I too am inexperienced in the legal realm and wouldn't even know where to begin or what information I'd need in such a case. I would certainly talk to my HR department and try to get as much information as possible but after that I'd be at a loss as where to go to get the idea of a legal case looked at. Maybe someone on here (I'll have to check out Doone's links above too) has some advice and links about this that way if any of us experience what you friend did maybe we could be better informed and equipped to deal with it.
there deffinetly would have been a case there, but most likely when people get fired for reasons that are controversial, they tend to call you out on other small things instead.
If that was listed as the reason for termination, she should talk to a lawyer. I'd be shocked if that was the case- anyone even remotely involved in HR would know better. As long as the reason for termination was legally allowable, her employer could basically list anything and defend it as part of an 'at will' employment agreement.
Yes religious harrassment was the reason she was fired. But this was also over 5 years ago and there are limits on bringing suit. Also this state is an 'at will' state.

The man who complained was a 7th Day Adventist who had been trying to talk to my friend about his religon for weeks. She had the bumper sticker before he started this and he said he just happened to see her leave the car in a public lot near her work place.

He complained that she was taunting him at work. Who knows you get one side, but I know this person and she might say 'I don't want to discuss this at work', but she isn't usually the kind to taunt people.
She was fired from her job for 'religious harrassment'.
O, really? How is that harassment. I should call it freedom of speech. Oh wait, it is an utopia.
Im sure if you had asked her boss why she was fired im sure he/she would have given any other reason other than her religious beliefs. I tend to avoid conversations in regards to religion and faith at the workplace. There isnt a need for it but to fire someone over a bumper sticker then they should fire all those nuts with the fish on the back of there car.

On a side not I like to set those fish free whenever i can by throwing them back into the water. Its called catch and release.


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