I'm interested to know...from men and women, what do you think of exotic dancers?

Sexy or slutty?
Dumb or intelligent?
Oppressed or empowered?
Respected or treated like animals?
Safe or dangerous?

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You were apparently exposed to the male-hating sort of feminism. As I've indicated here, feminism is a more varied set of beliefs than one might think. The mainstream (old school) feminists many of whom clearly hate men and the new "alt" feminists who are male-friendly, pro-sex and pro-porn both condemn slut shaming, blaming the victim, and achieving pay equality. 

You can't make very many accurate generalizations. I've known quite a few. (Not because I hung around stripper bars, but rather by being a photographer of artistic and commercial [porn] nudes.) Surprisingly, perhaps, very few could accurately be described as losers. Some danced to support a child, some to finance a college education, some just to pay the rent and car payment. Many were very bright. I can remember one with a masters in economics and another who recently graduated with her BS in environmental science. 

But, yes, there are also the ones who are supporting a drug habit or who earn money by joining up with customers in the back or out in the parking lot for a quick (and profitable) hook-up.

What I think is not an either or answer. I think the job should be given more respect and we shouldn't look down on dancers. They sort of blur the line between sex work and the performance arts...both of which are challenging in  different ways. To do that job well, you have to have the looks but also the skills and fortitude. 

I'd like to live in a world where people only ever chose this do work because it appeals to them, but that's probably never going to happen. That aside, I'll pick from the list now:

sexy or slutty-could be sexy if you can get over the oppression angle and the fact that a performer is just doing their job. slutty-yeah, I can't imagine the consumers/patrons value fidelity.  sexy or slutty for the worker-maybe they enjoy it, but I'm guessing it's just work for a lot of people. If they do enjoy it, props to them. I don't think what you do for a living makes you a slut...it's just what you do when you don't have to pay the bills.

dumb or intelligent-I'm not sure what you mean. I guess dancers could be either. Taking advantage of the demand for exotic dance is smart, however managers and owners benefit the most. It doesn't strike me as an intelligent long-term career move, but you have to do what you have to do in the short-term and staying above water is smart.

oppressed or empowered-The majority aren't in it for the joy of the job, I would bet. I'm guessing there are aspects of monetizing your sexual power that are empowering but wouldn't it be great if these workers had more options for self actualization and empowerment?

respected or treated like animals-I don't think either extreme describes the attitude most people have toward exotic dancers, but it's probably closer to the negative extreme. I guess in some places, dancers put up with a lot of shit.

safe or dangerous-depends on the company and the local community.

This is a strange topic...

They are in it for the money mostly, but a lot of them take pride in their performances and practice pole dancing when not on the job.

As for the money, they can make as much in a 6 hour shift as they might in 2 weeks of pumping coffee as a barista, giving the students a lot more study time (and fun time, too).

Here is a Youtube video of a girl who actuall does pole dancing AND stripping. She remains slightly covered in all the right places, but looks nude enough:

Are you sure she's not a woman?

Are we discussing her gender or her age?

She doesn't seem male to me.

Your point?

i used to look down at belly dancers here in Egypt until i've seen an interview for a famous belly dancer and i realized how smart and educated she was ... she has a master's degree in philosophy naming her favorite philosopher as Nietzsche :)  .. she came out to be a single mother keeping the ID of the father as a secret till now and u can imagine how hard this is here in a muslim country.

i'll go with it depends on the person but you can't ignore that a big section working in this industry are slutty, dumb, oppressed and treated like animals .. it depends on the individual and his personality

I'm very fascinated by gothic belly dancers. For example, Rachel Brice...

Here's a wild one (WILF?) I'd love to see swinging around...

lol. A very natural look!


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