I'm interested to know...from men and women, what do you think of exotic dancers?

Sexy or slutty?
Dumb or intelligent?
Oppressed or empowered?
Respected or treated like animals?
Safe or dangerous?

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@Heather, with the right make up, hair extensions, a smile, and poise, any woman can be a sexy dancer...


......This link is an IMPROV belly dancer....so she didn't know what the drummer was going to do...but even still, she is sexy as hell! Right men?

I don't know if this is true or not, maybe Unseen knows, but any woman can be an exotic dancer, because not all men are attracted to anorexic bean poles. There are lots of Moms who dance, and honey your body is never the same after baby! LOL!!!!

Right men?

Nah...this is more in keeping with the theme.


Women are so bad at judging what "fat" or "anorexic" looks like that it's hard to answer your question. The reason is that weight is such a high stakes game for women. Unless she's accepted that she's, well, fat, a lot of women will look at another woman who's merely slender and accuse her of anorexia. Some of us, male and female, were just born to be skinny. Not me and, I'm guessing, not you. 

Truly obese women aren't welcome on the stripper bar stage. Soft bodied ("more cushion, less pushin'") girls can make it if they are exceptionally cute and have a charming personality. Women of moderate ("normal and healthy") weight are most favored and slender girls with a nice body are also welcome. Bags 'o' bones, not so much.

Generally the girls of normal weight or who are slender will make the best tips.

Interesting story: A model I knew made money stripping a few hours a week. She became pregnant. Her tips started to go down as she started to lose her nice flat tummy. Then, just as she was about to give up stripping till her baby arrived, her tips started going up again. Why? Because it was becoming clear she was pregnant and not out of shape at all. Perhaps part of that went to changes in her breasts as well.

(BTW, another interesting story: I was the one who broke the news to a model that she was probably pregnant. I noticed that her nipples were turning from the pink they had always been to brown, which often happens during the course of pregnancy.)

Maybe if I do not wear my glasses, but preferences are such non-consistent things...

Put her up in front of a stripper bar full of drunk men and the insults would hurl down like a fire storm.  It's a very unforgiving environment.  I've gone to such bars before and heard men say things that I couldn't have even imagined if I spent half my life trying to think of the most cruel, vulgar things to say - and they spewed that sort of crap at some very very attractive women.  I do not have the sort of body that would garner a lot of positive attention in that environment.  That's a simple statement of fact, nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe that's Canadian stripper bars, but in Oregon (where I did almost all of my few such excursions) the men were generally very respectful, never rude or rowdy. If any individual were to get out of line, one of the bouncer's jobs would have been to expel him from the bar before the other male patrons beat him up.

And this isn't just my own observation. The pro-porn feminist Camille Paglia has made the same observation. She has described stripper bars as where men go to worship the pagan goddess.

Well, I guess I was only ever in such bars while travelling with an ex who was a truck driver - so perhaps the stripper bars nearest local truck stops can be a bit more rude than others.

I guess. I have never experienced rudeness by stripper bar patrons, but I've never been to a bar outside Oregon. Oregon is a pretty mellow state. Even so, Paglia, who frequents such venues (as a pro-porn lesbian) has made the observation that stripper bar patrons tend to be quiet and respectful and not at all like the patrons one sees in Hollywood movies.

Who knew that truck drivers could be so fickle. :D

I guess after a few classes in Feminist Theory, I have become deeply concerned about how men can treat women. Women appearing as 'objects' to men is very distasteful to me, to the place that I might have failed to falter my wife as much as she might have thought was needed. While I still, as a man, can appreciate the female frame, I have mostly disconnected this from 'power issues'. It can be a very difficult dance between newage values, modern ethics, and early socializations into patriarchy. 

Taking a course in feminist theory might leave you thinking that all feminists are of one mind. There are pro-porn feminists, for example. If you go to the Facebook group Feminism Is For Everybody, some of the women there are strippers or escorts who are sex positive.

You'll find a lot of support for sex workers there. 

My view is we all objectify each other. Women see men as success objects. Women aren't oblivious to male physiology, either. During my long career as a photographer of women, I picked up on a lot of female objectification of men.

Actually the class I took seemed to model a radical form of feminism. The male students, of which I was one of 8, in a class of 30, were often refered to as 'bastards' or 'resident bastards'. Near the end of the 10 weeks, I was so alienated that I openly suggested that the female prof. would be considered 'racist' if it were not for the gender abuse.

 On the last day of class, when it came to my turn to state what I had learned, I said that 'I would be returning to my nieve understanding of feminism, and that I thought the class content was nearing my level of contempt'.



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