I'm interested to know...from men and women, what do you think of exotic dancers?

Sexy or slutty?
Dumb or intelligent?
Oppressed or empowered?
Respected or treated like animals?
Safe or dangerous?

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Ok. I guess I will be the first one to answer these questions...

Sexy or slutty?

Depends on the dancer.

Dumb or intelligent?

Depends on the dancer... I met one who was a law major and found dancing as an easy way to pay for school and have spending cash on the side.

Oppressed or empowered?

Depends on how each individual views the position. 

Respected or treated like animals?

Depends on the person viewing the show. Last time I was in a strip club (long ago) I spent more time talking to the girl about general stuff than anything. Smart girl, university student, paying for her tuition. Like I said, we spent 3 free private dances just talking about the world and things like that. 

Safe or dangerous?

Depends on the location. Some places have good security that keeps greasy customers out, others don't.

"Depends on how each individual views the position."

What 'position' are we talking about here?

After three marriages, I am just a little unempressed....;p)

Yup, I'd say 'depends' for pretty much every questions to.  Though if the clubs are guilty of taking advantage of the exotic dancers, they are also guilty of taking advantage of horny people.  I know some rich people frequent those places, but I'm sure you get the ones spending a weeks wages in a night just because they are horny or lonely.  All that said, who am I to judge any of them?

I was careful to avoid bring gender into my comment, but most people probably think about female exotic dancers and male punters.  I wonder what the views would be on men dancing for women? or men dancing for other men? women dancing for women?  

Also, there are people in night clubs that preform what can only be described as 'exotic dances' for drinks, is this any different than dancing for money? I can even imagine an argument for it being less honest.

Wishy washy response perhaps, but there's a wide range of answers in my mind for each question. It's been decades since I've had any related experience, so I'm not really in the game. What's more relevant (to me) would be analyzing the male motivations behind what drives the female behaviors, and how to equalize the power play pro-woman. In the interest of health, fairness, and empowerment.

Just don't ask me about my fantasies!

The biggest problem with those clubs is that they are always jammed with Christians. ;)

Would I want my mom, sister, girlfriend, grandma or daughter to use their bodies to separate drunk dudes from their money? No. All the dancers are going to college (except none of them are taking classes this semester) so they can graduate and get a job that pays less for more hours.


Sexy or slutty?  

Well, I am sure there are plenty of NON sexy women as exotic dancers.  I don't really believe in the word 'slutty' either.  But being an exotic dancer doesn't necessarily make a woman sexy automatically.  

Dumb or intelligent?  

Errrr...........I'm gonna have to say most exotic dancers probably don't have a PHD in physics or training to be a surgeon.  Although I'm perfectly aware that law students and other such intelligent women go into it for easy money.  But then, there is the argument about whether or not they have self respect selling their body for money.  But then that opens up the whole arguments about super models that get paid because they were born to be sexy.  

Oppressed or empowered?  

I guess it depends on the relationships they allow themselves to get involved with.  

Respected or treated like animals?  

Treating a woman like an animal is sometimes fun ;)

Safe or dangerous? 

I don't know any statistics, but I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be an exotic dancer - Even if they just dance for money, I have this feeling that she might endanger herself because of other things associated with those types of clubs, or those type of 'gentleman'.  

Just like every profession--the people, both women and men, who work as exotic dancers, do so for a myriad of reasons. Some by well-reasoned motive, others because their choices are limited, and every reason in between. Their situations and intelligence and personality are also as varied as their motives. To try to lump them together is to foster stereotypes. Don't judge someone, you can't know all the why's of their life. Save the judgement for yourself and your own motives and choices.


If you're good at it you can make a very good income.

I enjoy good pole work.

I view exotic dancers as being in the category of people who can earn a living because of body type.  A lot of heavy lifting jobs are almost exclusively done by big strong men - but no one ever asks whether or not they are being exploited or if their intelligence is being overlooked.  I wouldn't be comfortable dancing around half naked (or naked) in front of a crowd, but then perhaps that is just because I don't have the sort of body that would garner a lot of positive feedback in that situation.  If I had a 'stripper body' then perhaps I would feel a lot more comfortable in that situation and would go ahead and take advantage of the money that can be made in that profession.  As it is, I really have no feelings one way or the other on exotic dancers.

That's a very good point.  I have had to do jobs before that make you have to watch your health deteriorate before your eyes.  Because of manual handling jobs, I have old shoulder and ham string injury's that occasionally play up.

That's a very good insight. Basically, whenever I hear someone say that strippers or porn performers are "exploited," I want to shake them and tell them that if they are earning an income of any kind, whoever signs that paycheck is exploiting them. 

Not only that, we exploit our employers' need to have a position filled or service performed. Mutual exploitation.


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