I recently got into a Facebook debate over a Ben Shapiro video. Up til then this past week I had never heard of him...

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The guy is Milo...only he's sincere and believes what he says...and acts as though his arguments are rational. His whole "militant gay people" and "college gay recruitment" garbage is enough to handwave this intellectual maggot. But then you get the conspiracies, the climate change denial, anti-semitism and the whole "straight-white-christian-men" are the truly persecuted people in America...and I can barely stop myself from puking.

This guy is pure "yuck", regardless of how elegantly sometimes he wraps up his babble. YUCK

RE: This guy is pure "yuck", regardless of how elegantly sometimes he wraps up his babble. YUCK

Yes exactly what I think. Except I was finding it hard to debate his supporters....I think it is a dangerous level of misinformation he is spewing.

Anti-semitic? LOL

Shapiro is a Jewish surname.

My last name "Goodman" is a common Jewish last name in English speaking countries. I am not Jewish. And there are no shortages of self-hating Anti-Semitic Jews such as Chomsky, Woody Allen, the creators of South Park etc.

Belle, link the debate if you please and Davis will play Cyrano.

Hahahaha ok..:Im still debating them...but didn't have all the facts I needed to be really effective...
So first: here is a link to the video that my friend posted:
My first response was this:

Honestly, I found him to be uninformed and bias on both topics. Here is the counter to his assessment of transgender people quoting the suicide rate and alluding to mental illness:

And as far as his assessment of abortion, he side steps the issue, and does not address the heart of the question. He uses late term abortion as an illustration of how we dicipher when life begins, but he doesn't address the issue of really at all....he also assumes that birth control is the "catch all solution." He clearly comes from a priveledged background and is unaware of what happens to many of these babies who are born to mothers who are drug addicts, poor, uneducated, etc. He says he cares about the foster kids (briefly) but I would venture to say that he doesn't really care at all. Is he a foster parent? No. I'm sure he has no clue what these kids go through having been born to I'll-equipped parents. Many people who are "pro-life" are really just "pro-birth." They do not think of the consequences of bringing children into this world who cannot be adequately cared for. They do not take into consideration that our planet is already well over it's carrying capacity and that there are parts of this world RIGHT NOW (Sudan for example) where over 5Million people are starving to death. And here here is the US there are ALSO people starving to death....but to have an abortion if you know you cannot take care of the baby or if it would affect a woman's health? Oh no! Intolerable!

He clearly is not read up on the real life issues that affect impoverished communities both inside and outside the US.
His response:

Welcome to our discussion. I hope you don't find my straight forwardness to aggressive but, I find you mis-informed and your resources strongly bias to their own agendas.

1. The writer of your article used all of his statistics from Johnathan Sher's liberal perspective, a writer for the Toronto Sun in his attempt to make a point concerning a global problem. It's a good sign that they might be biased when the article is concluded with "Zack Ford LGBT Editor at Gay, Atheist, Pianist, Unapologetic “Social Justice Warrior.” Oh, and if I donate now I get a free "investigate Trump T-shirt....He also argues that factors that lowered these rates were supportive parents. So as long as parents give in to the lunacy of their kids saying "I feel therefore I am," that reduces suicide rates...I find that hard to believe especially when his resource is a highly liberal writer from Canada. Clearly Canada has all the world's problems resolved.... Oh and according to this article is so extremely most liberals don't even trust it:

2. How is our planet over populated when the majority of the space on our planet is empty. People tend to live in cities and along the borders? (Drive to Texas, or look at Canada) Here's some infomration to help in understanding that these are arguments on overpopulation are simply to justify things like abortion and world wide human rights violations:

Happy hunting! :OD
My response:

I will do some more research to your points and get back to you. However I do want to address your insinuation that "we are not overpopulated because there's plenty of land.".....the amount of available space is not at all a factor in determining the world's carrying capacity. Carrying capacity has to do with the availability of resources to sustain life. Here is the US we consume the majority of the world's resources compared to the rest of the world. However, we ourselves are also on the brink of losing our own natural resources. And the more people that we bring into the world irresponsibly that end up falling into the foster care system, and the more people who are stuck in poverty, like single mothers who are in the welfare trap because they are raising kids by themselves, the cost to feed them and keep them housed has to come from somewhere. And to say that a woman should not abort a child even though she may not be able to care for the baby responsibly - why should she take all the blame? It takes two to make a baby and yet the father gets let off the hook....that is not logical either imho

I'll do some more digging on the transgender argument, however I would ask: why do you really care how someone wants to live their life? It's their choice. Their life. Who are we to judge them or tell them they can't?
And that is where we are at.

That article about transgender and how those opposed cite statistics indicating high rates of mental illness for those who identify as transgender is misleading. It is not dispositive whether the mental illness is innate or external and caused by angst/discrimination. 

If somebody is mentally ill and suffers with the delusion that they are Napoleon we  know they are mistaken about their identity as Napoleon.

On the other hand if somebody has girl parts but thinks of him/herself as a boy we are not privileged with similar knowledge to invalidate their opinion. 

Their is some evidence of differences in brains of those who identify as transgender. I assume lots more will be learned. It strikes me that nobody would go through the pain of being transgender without being utterly certain. It is worse now for transgender than it is for gays. Who would knowingly identify as gay especially in very religious cultures?


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