It has been practiced for thousands of years in India...

Have you experienced Ayurvedic healing?

I'm thinking about trying it....there are many things that I need healing from that traditional medicine hasn't been able to resolve.

Just wondering what you all know about it etc...


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It is pure woo, their remedies are possibly toxic and I'm utterly dismayed and frightened that you'd consider engaging when the it.

How exactly is it woo if it's been done for THOUSANDS of years and helped many people heal? Traditional just-take-a-pill-kind of medicine in the US isn't any better. In many ways it's worse!

I also want to find out how to get detoxed from heavy metals....I don't know what is safe or not.

You suffer from metal poisoning? 

I was diagnosed years ago with this:

(By a REAL) physiatrist (a pain doctor with a medical degree) and was told that my physical pain is from sexual abuse and other trauma. There is no cure except CBT which also hasn't worked. Since all conventional and so-called "real" medicine hasn't worked, I am looking into alternative options.

So you don't have metal poisoning? 

Chelation therapy is used on metals in standard medicine, but I sure wouldn't trust any alternative medical advice for it... there's a lot of huckstering for gullible people. Removing a specific metal has real science/chemistry/medicine behind it, along with legitimate testing for metals.

link There are no FDA-approved OTC chelation products. (OTC = Over The Counter, like at a drug or health store.)

Doing things for hundreds of years doesn't make if effective. Indians have prayed for centuries and they still live in poor oppressive misery. Chinese people have taken walrus penis powder for centuries but if doesn't give them better erections. When if comes to your body...tradition is irrelevant and you owe a responsibility to yourself and your son to use treatments that are reliable, safe and fully demonstrated as effective.

This whole "helped many people heal" is based on what someone claimed...not what has been demonstrated. Everyone talks...few people demonstrate. Too many people believe whatever you tell them. People say stupid things all the time and suckers give them money to con them out of fake in demonstrated medicine.

The following does not demonstrate that it heals people:

Only what advocates say. You don't hear from the people for whom this  method failed.

Anecdotal evidence. Going on what a handful of people say is good for picking a restaurant or a film to watch...putting your health/life/money on the line. This only gives a highly distorted and unreliable set of information.

Uncontrolled testimony: Working solely on what people claim as success stories doesn't give us important information on whether they got better on their own,  through some other treatment,  nor does it control for the placebo effect,  it also doesn't give us important information about the maladies themselves and compounding factors or how exactly they are being healed, or  if they are maladies that are actual maladies and I could go on

The conman effect: If the treatment is being pushed rather than fully and properly explained through sound and investigation.

This woo has failed all empirical studies that controls for all of this as almost all woo medicine does. Back pain and some maladies may be exceptions.

No, it is Woo.

If you have heavy metal poisoning you should immediately see a forensic toxicologist. They have the expertise. Is it lead poisoning or maybe something induced by zinc oxide or maybe even something heavier like barium? Who did the diagnosis for you? He should be struck of the medical register and banned for life for not giving you advice on getting help.

I haven't been diagnosed. But I know I need to detox. I started drinking Kombucha tea daily and eating a mostly autoimmune paleo diet and it has helped me lose a lot of weight very quickly. I now want to take it to the next level. I want to be out of pain.

Each year, especially in January many people start talking about “detoxing”. It is a new buzzword in the ever popular Woo industry. This is why I posted a link in School School, Jan 8th. Here it is again:

This weeks’ Woo: The Detox Scam.

Please notice the name of the website.

So you don’t have heavy metal poisoning? That is good to hear. Losing weight rapidly is not a good idea. The paleo diet is a fad. Too many people see the diet as an end in itself.

Pain management and weight loss are not necessary separate levels of a process. I think a good exercise regime is important for not just losing weight but also for keeping it off. Fad diets, like the Paleo (also an older Woo article from a previous Sunday school) are extreme so people think “OH that was easy, I can do that again anytime” and then end up on the most common diet, the “Yo-Yo” one.

Exercise, especially core training is important but is you have area specific pain you must consult a proper sports physio after seeking real medical advice. It must be a life long process and not an extreme attempt every few months.

Yikes on that article!!!!

I just know my new lifestyle has helped me tremendously and I am not 100% paleo but I've significantly reduced my consumption of certain dairy and breads, replaced with healthier versions and started eating a shit ton of vegetables and organic meats fish etc all whole healthy food and more fermented foods etc...tea...I think I lost about 30 pounds not even trying to focus on weight but just how I feel and eating nutrient dense foods intentionally.

Yes I have consulted numerous medical professionals. The only thing that works is a combination of PT, massage and chiropractor. The last few years I haven't been able to afford any of it except going to a gym (which I do)....and it's not covered by insurance.


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