Back story: A student in my grade (I am currently a sophomore in high school) came in to my study hall. At the time I was walking to the front of the room to get something. He took his water bottle, poured water into his hand, and threw it into my face, saying "I now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Spirit." He is a Catholic zealot, for lack of better word, and is usually fairly intelligent. This action was offending at first, but now I just have to laugh at the complete stupidity of it. What do you, forum, think of this?

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I may have gotten the exact quote wrong. It was something to that effect though. 

I think it's only fair that go get your own bottle of water and unbaptize him in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Water?  You miss the point.  This guy needs to be forcibly baptized into the Flying Spaghetti Monster religion by throwing a plate of spaghetti in his face...

Yeah! Sprinkling him with sauce is prob fine, too...

He should have known that it would be ineffective. You can't just use ordinary tap water, to get Holy water you first have to boil the Hell out of it.

I love your comments Arcus you have to be the funniest person on TA. 

Entertaining, but could be taken as assault.  Depends on who the guy goes after, I guess.

You should have punched him in the face and baptized him the name of your fist.


I would make a doll out of cloth scraps, leather strips, buttons, etc. Then I'd take it to class, get his attention, get the doll out and furiously stick pins in it while glaring at him wide eyed and with my tongue gyrating out of my mouth.

Although that might be an invitation for an amateur exorcism.

^Like! Your idea is better :)

After he did it, he was laughing. I basically called him an asshole and told him F*** off. Honestly, I wanted to beat on him, but I've got my future to think about, and most colleges don't like assault charges. 


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