Back story: A student in my grade (I am currently a sophomore in high school) came in to my study hall. At the time I was walking to the front of the room to get something. He took his water bottle, poured water into his hand, and threw it into my face, saying "I now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Spirit." He is a Catholic zealot, for lack of better word, and is usually fairly intelligent. This action was offending at first, but now I just have to laugh at the complete stupidity of it. What do you, forum, think of this?

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Find something to slosh on him. That's just rude. I mean, the symbolism I would mock... prob just rub it in and say, "Nope. Still don't believe there's a god... Don't effing throw water on me again!!!"

Something to slosh like hot chilli would be my choice !

Or how about this. Find him next to some girl he's not particularly fond of and pronounce them man and wife.

He must have had either very good insurance, or he still didn't change out of his baby-teeth, jokes like this are dangerous for your teeth, you know.

Lol. My first thought on this was that what he did was technically assualt, if you were being really picky about it. However you are right, it was just plain silly nonsense and not worth bothering about.

Upon reading this i did tell my wife Judith (also a TA member) and she smiled. Then the smile slipped off her face and she said "If someone did this to Hilke what do you think would happen?" It was a chilling thought because our oldest daughter is a fiesty bright, highly articulate and forthright little thing now at just eleven, by the time she is eighteen ............ She most certainly would consider it an assualt and probably do the guy some serious harm, the religous aspect would piss her off no end as well. The physical attack would in turn almost certainly provoke her very loyal assistance dog Jos to join in defending her. Yes it would definately turn nasty but then perhaps that is what these presumptuous fools need, a little less tolerence of their silly attacks.

Does this happen often and in a country swimming in guns do they really think its a wise thing to do ?
Nina van der Roos.

Packing heat to school and offing him would be a little extreme. But it would be fun to place a 38 snub nose against his temple and pull the trigger back. Watching the urine stream exit his pants would be over the top. 

Sooooo many Christians, so few lions.

That is a little bit over the top i think. Also, it's still massively illegal. but that would be pretty funny. 

Buy some weed, put it in his backpack or jacket when he's not around, give an anonymous tip to the teacher that he offered to sell.

Wait a few months until the dust settles and ask him: Where's your God now?

See, and again, we are going a little bit too far on this. Too much. Just too much. 

Like the guy in my computer class who laughs manically after each procedure, I would stay away from him. Tell him not to ever do that again as the action constitutes assault.

Why didn't you spit in his face?

I think you should come back with an attack inquisition and burn the little fucker at the steak


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