should it be banned?

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Not walking the streets.  But sticking them in jail forever is good enough for me.  Especially because abolishing the death penalty in the United States would incontrovertibly save the taxpayer millions of dollars which could instead go to hospitals, police stations, etc. etc... you know, institutions whose purpose it is to help PREVENT crime before it happens.

This is totally off the cuff, because I don't know who you're talking about, but it's likely that the man who received 40 life sentences was convicted in one of our 15 states that doesn't have the death penalty.


As for the fairness of the "light" punishment of life imprisonment, I guess I don't have much to say about that, except that as long as it keeps the criminal from committing the same crime again than it's okay with me.

Well, this goes to show the randomness of the application of the death penalty.  The most heinous crimes don't earn defendants the death penalty, and considerably less heinous crimes do.  This is another sign that the justice system is flawed in this regard.
On the issue of Life in Prison, many are suggesting that they wouldn't want to live in prison. The human spirit isn't killed just by virtue of being sent to prison. When I was 17 (36 now) I committed Armed Robbery. It was juvenile acting out against a system that I felt was persecuting men in my life. Turns out those men were douches and I was misguided. Back to the point, I did 4 years of juvenile time. It's not adult time. But the perspective of what the next world is going to be like if your behavior continues is not lost in the experience. Prison life is generally not as terrible as you expect. It's not fights every day. It's not rape around every corner. You might have a celly that you dislike. Or you might find a friendship in someone unexpected. But the big picture is that life is what you make of it. Some prisons do allow a sense of humanity. You can read. The Birdman of Alcatraz went from being illiterate to writing books on birds that are published. Of course his murder of three people at different times might be detrimental to noting him as a worthwhile life. The point is that you can accomplish things and still have a useful life in prison. As useful? No. As fulfilled? No. As someone who has experienced a form of prison, I would much rather live out a life in prison versus end up dead. At least in the Western world.

I used to never believe the death penalty was justified. Ever.  It is administered poorly and and mostly poor people with bad lawyers get this sentence. 


Then I think of Ted Bundy who actually killed a girl on my campus at college; and then I am conflicted.  I am glad he was executed and as he had escaped from prison twice and had killed again ....I just don't know.


And then there was Gary Ridgeway the Green River Killer who was not executed because he confessed to all his crimes.  Was it because his victims were mostly prostitutes instead of college girls?  I don't know. 


And why does it seem (anecdotal as I have no facts) that those who are against abortion most vociferously are also for the death penalty for the most part.  So you have unwanted children and damage them until they become killers and then kill them?


I believe that serious sexual psychopaths who can not be cured or reformed should never be paroled or released.  If that cannot be guarenteed then execute them.  Because they are a danger to everyone.  But that is opinion, not logical or resonable.  Pure emotion. 


So I guess I just don't know. 

Pro-lifers being Pro-death is one of the greatest ideological ironies I've encountered too
It is worth noting that 15 of our 50 states do not practice the death penalty.  Also, notice how shit isn't falling apart at the seams in those states.  In fact, adjusted for population, murder rates are consistently always lower in the states that don't have the death penalty when compared to murder rates in those that do.  Look it up!
i think Life in prison is the worse punishment and a more effective deterrent plus death penalty sends the wrong message why killing people who kill people to show killing is wrong.

I'm against death penalty, because it seems to me like an easy way out.  If I knew I was guilty, and go to prison for the rest of my life, I would want to die.  So to punish me, you would have to do the opposite...  This is for USA.  For Islamic country's I'm against it, because their punishments are just horrible and mostly for stupid religieus reasons.

I remember a few years ago a man was put to death because he was found guilty of setting his house on fire and killing his children.  It was on the news after his execution that the official ruling on the fire was accidental and not arson.  One member of the jury was horrified that they sent this man to die, when he was likely innocent.  This poor man's children died, then he spent over a decade in prison, and he was put to death.  I think of how his parents must have felt, they lost their grandchildren and then a son.

There are many other people that were put to death only to be vindicated and found innocent after death.  This should not happen, not ever.


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