should it be banned?

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I'm against death penalty, because it seems to me like an easy way out.  If I knew I was guilty, and go to prison for the rest of my life, I would want to die.  So to punish me, you would have to do the opposite...  This is for USA.  For Islamic country's I'm against it, because their punishments are just horrible and mostly for stupid religieus reasons.

I think it needs to be abolished , how do you say I'm sorry when you find the person just executed was innocent?

I remember a few years ago a man was put to death because he was found guilty of setting his house on fire and killing his children.  It was on the news after his execution that the official ruling on the fire was accidental and not arson.  One member of the jury was horrified that they sent this man to die, when he was likely innocent.  This poor man's children died, then he spent over a decade in prison, and he was put to death.  I think of how his parents must have felt, they lost their grandchildren and then a son.

There are many other people that were put to death only to be vindicated and found innocent after death.  This should not happen, not ever.

Exactly! Many people have expressed this, but no one in favor of the death penalty is addressing the issue. I mean, maybe they think it's OK to kill innocent people once in a while if that means many guilty people would die too. Or maybe, just maybe, they refuse to tackle the issue precisely because they kinda agree with it and don't know how to defend their position on the death penalty.


But I'm still waiting for an answer. Is it really OK for the state to kill innocent people?


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