What do you say to people that bring up {insert evil persons name} was Atheist!

What do you say to people that bring this up? For me I just cringe/face palm/sigh all at the same time. This is just so frustrating. 


I want to know your response, more so because I can get flustered when this topic arises. 

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I like when Dawkins said "Hitler was also a vegetarian". It is a really funny presentation he gives. If you can find it on youtube its worth watching. Dawkins also points out that Hitler wasn't an atheist, as many of these fine minds on TA already have, he will still argue about it.

There's no shortage of evil Xtians in history either. Just off the top of my head Hitler, Torquemada & Vlad Dracul come to mind. Plus you have the KKK, all the Catholic (& other) pedophiles and those who enable them. Nearly any evil person in western civilization for the past 2000 yrs was almost certainly Xtian.

Doesn't matter if we're atheist, Christian, Jew.... Reality is unchanged by our "belief".  The Universe, by all evidence, does not have gods that look after (or bully!) humanity.  Atheists simply acknowledge the fact.  Trying to point to failed individuals who are Atheists or Christians has not the slightest influence on the validity of their respective claims.  The evidence speeks to that.

Atheism has nothing to do with the behavior or ethics of people.  It simply means that religion is unacceptable as a truth.  There are far more religious people who one could classify as evil if you wanted to use that Manichean term, the use of which is ambiguous and I prefer dysfunctional.  Evil is a religious word.

Evil is not a scientific term.


Hitler also, to reinforce Dawkin's observation, also outlawed the practice of pate fois gras, from Strasbourg, the inhumane force-feeding of geese to fatten them up for human consumption.


So evil becomes a relativistic judgement rather than a scientific observable phenomenon.




If they're talking about anyone but Hitler, I usually say "Yeah, and Hitler was a Catholic."

What do you say when they are talking about Hitler? Some people truly believe that Hitler was an atheist.

If you are debating with them regarding the truth of theism/atheism then this line of reasoning has no relation to the discussion at hand. It is an extension of the argument from utility and is totally irrelevant to discussions of the truth of theism/atheism. I would dismiss it thus.


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