What do you say or do when people ask what your zodiac sign is?

This is just a fun discussion! I was thinking about how rubbish horoscopes are and it scares me to think that tons of my family members truly believe in them. So just wondering what you guys say or do when people ask you what zodiac sign is yours. Do you guys tell them or do you guys tell them that you don't believe in that?


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Capricorn, but that was maybe 6000 years ago....;p).

and that was the best horoscope conversation ever done (pic)

During my 'play boy' stage of sexual development, people would sometimes ask about my 'sign'. I did look it up, once, and made that minor datum part of my 'elevator dating speech'. Once someone suggested that i was a 'catalyst' This latter seemed to be linked to meanings of 'trouble maker', 'Puck', 'asker of bad questions', 'TMI', and 'watch out for that guy'.

Sadly, little of the above has changed over the last 25+ years, and I see no reason to change. I figure that 'what is your sign' is like some fufu question(s) concerning bodily functions, favorite sports team, weather, political party, size of primary/secondary sexual equipment, income, toilet paper preference, travel prime-mover, and certain physical variables/constants like sexual performance frequency.    

Since 'your sign' is mostly fufu, it seems mostly unlikely to stimulate a negative responce, unless the other party has read their most recent horoscope that seemed to imply a rather negative permutation.

Happily a few people have not even asked or promoted 'their sign' as a indicator of a positive permutation. Given an n-1 number of permutations over the entire existing human population, it is unclear how may will never ask this question, or even understand its meaning. Sadly the question 'your religion?', can still offer a negative responce, and can yield some of the most discouraging experiences.

I think a better question might be, 'what, in your opinion, constitutes a nice day? The responces would yield a nice partioning in to searchable groups, some of which could be left safely in a very large 'dead file'.     

I say: " zodiac signs & horoscopes are a manmade farce & dont waste my time with that crap.Talk about something important"



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