What do you say or do when people ask what your zodiac sign is?

This is just a fun discussion! I was thinking about how rubbish horoscopes are and it scares me to think that tons of my family members truly believe in them. So just wondering what you guys say or do when people ask you what zodiac sign is yours. Do you guys tell them or do you guys tell them that you don't believe in that?


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Technically Virgo, in reality Leo. When they ask i proceed to explain about equinox precession and how long the sun actually transits through a constellation. Then explain about constellations being made of stars thousands of light years away from each other and that they only look like that from our position. Then about stellarium then about linux, then i notice that noone has been paying me attention in a while.

I laugh at them and say astrology is delusional bollocks. 

I've known many who follow horrorscopes (sic) avidly. I usually tell people that my sign is closed for repairs.

-What is your zodiac sign?- She
-Guess- Me
-Whatever they say-
-Bingo! You are so smart!-

I like to ask them about the "new" star sign Ophiuchus and what that means. Read more here in an old post


Oh, I usually laugh and tell them.  It's just fun silliness.

If they're in a mood to be more engaged, however, I might ask them if they know why that's their (sun) "sign".  It leads to at least some discussion of real astronomy. 

Pisces... I see no harm in superstitious nonsense as long as we all know what it is.

Go team fish!

This is actually the cure to religion.

Sadly the class called 'superstitious nonsense', could be a very large set. The intrusion individual members of this set into conversation would be extreamly common, with higher frequencies approaching 'normal conversations'. In time, I predict a zero data content to common conversations, with sports, commercial promotion, sexual skill, income discription, and bodily functions, and scientific dis-information as primaries.   


All my mother could remember was the meter at $11.75 (born in a cab). It was on the cusp between libra and scorpio, I'll never know which I am. I got on the astrology bus and then got off a few months later. The depth and detail that sham is astounding, and it plays perfectly along with human tendencies.

If you think that's bad, you need to see the chinese one.: Year, month, day, hour, sun's degrees when born, outer, inner, hidden animal, outer, inner, hidden element.


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